How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy When She’s Sad (Complete Guide)

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How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy When She's Sad

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy When She’s Sad (Complete Guide)

Is your girlfriend upset with you because of certain misunderstandings? It is so sad to see your loved one going through sadness. Especially when you are the one who stands there for her anytime, you will feel for her too. The good news is that there is a way out of a such situation. We will be sharing with you some tips to make your girlfriend happy when she’s sad.

Yours is just to read and apply the best tips to help you gain her trust, love, and happiness back in time. Calming her down includes tips to make her know you love her well.


There are a lot of things you can do to change the mood of your girlfriend to cheer her up again. If you have a girlfriend going through challenges, then we urge you to try these tips to help her regain happiness.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy When She's Sad

1. Try to Use Text to Bring Back Her Happiness

As a man who loves his girlfriend, you know all the things that make you’re her smile. Text her positive messages that give hope and possibly ignite happiness again.

Text her simple and romantic messages asking whether she has a good day or not. Encourage her to be happy by letting her know you are always there for her.

Sometimes, she may not disclose what makes her sad which is normal. Be smart to read her mood swings and help her recover from what she is going through.

You can equally send her videos of hope or motivation. Even if you can send her a GIF that signifies smiles, I know she will be fine.

Any chance you get during the day, try to text and check up on her. Send her a motivational meme along with any happy images or videos. This will do amazing things you never know.

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2. Try To Visit Her

If you don’t live with her in the same place, try to visit her to know what is making her sad. Oftentimes, people just need someone to talk to when they feel sad. In order to make your girlfriend happy when she’s sad, try to sit down with her and talk.

Ask her what is worrying her as you visit her. It can be something she won’t say but have the conduct to motivate her. Address some of the things in a way that will make all of you smile and be happy.

If you try to know the exact thing which keeps her sad and she still refuses to tell you the cause, just smile and say am there for you anytime.

If she seems upset, try to calm her down and ask if she needs your support. These little things you do can change her life to make her happy and ignite happiness again.

3. Be Supportive of Her

Don’t be dismissive but rather be supportive of your partner. In the case where she is upset with you, find the best way to calm her rather than also get angry.

Make sure she sees hope in you through your assurance. Ensure that you make her happy even when she’s crying. Be worried when your girlfriend is worried.

4. Listen to Her Concerns

Oftentimes, when we are going through certain problems, we tend to make noise to show our grievances. If you are closer to her physically, comfort your girlfriend to make her feel better.

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Allow her to talk and pour all her issues out before comforting her. Let her express her feelings without interrupting her conversations. This will allow you to understand her issues well and how to help her overcome them.

Be a good listener to what she says to make you know how she felt. Be patient with everything she says because she is sad and might not mean words.

6. Have Open Heart to Ask Questions

Information is keen when trying to help someone. You cannot get information when you don’t ask questions. You need information from your girlfriend regarding what is worrying her. You can ask her to know what is worrying her.

When she tells you the reason, try to then help her address the problem with your mature life. Between the two of you, try to keep happiness moving all day. Try to make your girlfriend happy when she’s sad through questioning.

7. Be Empathetic With Her

Try to empathize with her situation. Don’t criticize her for any reason because you know she is going through this mood of sadness. When you criticize her, she will never tell you what she is going through. She will even regret ever sharing her problems with you.

No one is above mistake so she can be at fault. You have to point out what is not going on well for her to also know. You can sympathize with her to make her feel sorry. Offer the right solution for her to be happy again.

8. Respect Her Decision

Respect her decision no matter what she says. She is sad because she is facing certain things in the relationship. If you want to make your girlfriend happy when she’s sad, then you have to respect her decision as well.

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Well, you know how women behave sometimes, and from the chat you have, you’ll be able to determine whether she needs your input. What you must understand is that you are there to make her feel better.

Just a little bit of patience will help you understand what she is asking for. Ask to know if she needs a solution from you. Whatever she says, go by that and let her decision holds. You are there to make things better not to impose on her any idea or decision.

9. Plan To Go Out With Her

Plan any activity with her that will make her enjoy and probably forget about the things bothering her. This can be coupled trip to a serene environment for complete relaxation.

The moment she discovers the mood of happiness again, she will eventually forget what keeps her sad. Always find out ways to improve your date.

Talk to her about your intentions and drive to the place of convenience. It will help you to know more about the things bothering her. Finding solutions to someone’s problem need a little effort and patience.

Be the man she can fall unto on any day and any moment she is worried.


It is not easy to look at the face of your girlfriend to know exactly what is worrying her. You have to ask questions, respect her decision, be supportive, and listen to her well, text to know her worries, prepare something good for her, and motivate her to calm down. When you want to make your girlfriend happy when she’s sad, then practice the tips we provided in this article.

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