Cutest Romantic Gestures for Him- 21 Secrets Revealed

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romantic gestures for him

Cutest Romantic Gestures for Him- 21 Secrets Revealed

romantic gestures

Let’s discover the cutest romantic gestures for him to smile, salivate, and love you the most. Ladies, the man you see needs some little fixes in terms of body language, to come forward and stay with you forever.


Men have some unique things that prompt them to love a lady they want. I will share with you all those secrets to make him love you more. I have some secret here for you to make a man stick to you only without checking on any other lady. Take your time to read and watch the video here today.

Before we go deep into the main topic, what do you know about body gestures?

Body gesture is the same as body language that reveals your feelings to another person in a different body format. In this, we Communicate in different forms aside from word of mouth.


The 21 Cutest Romantic gestures for him


1. Compliment him, my dear

Politely express happiness in him. Take time to praise him for how wonderful he is to your family. Yes, do that for his attention and care. The moment he does something good, don’t forget to praise him. Be there to make him the best with your word of mouth. You can use the romantic gestures for him in terms of compliments such as;

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I see you as an angel,

I can’t forget how amazing you are to me

I love what you did

Babe, you’re such a darling for what you’re doing for me

I’m thankful so much for your deeds

You always do things right.


2. Smile lovely to him

Smiling is not just fun but cools the heart and nerves down. It makes someone feel loved and want to always be with you. Smiling is discovered as a way to show a joy to our lovers.

Smiling answers so many questions without any words. Smile when necessary for him to see how beautiful your heart feels for him at all times.



3. Send Him Heart-melting Messages

Check out how his day goes. Is he happy or he is not? Is he tired, then send him a message that will make him feel relaxed? Think of the type of message he may want. Go through online like youtube or any, to find a way to send such a message. This may add value to your message in the relationship.

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4. Send Him Surprise Gift

Do you know that some people use flowers to propose? You are a lady, you might not be able to tell him directly, just get him some love gift. He will understand what you mean perfectly. They are romantic gestures for him to know your intentions behind.

Keep it cool and probably surprised him during his birthday. It can even be a shirt or any other gift depicting love.



5. Look at the dressing code

You may know his choice of colors. Don’t wait to be told just study him well. Some people show their preference through their mode of dressing. Dress in his favorite outfit, since men want to see their partner in a specific outfit.



6. Support him before he leaves to work

Support can be in several forms either by helping him in ironing his shirts or choosing the type of dress to use for work. Choose the best fashion for him that day for his work outfit. I don’t think you will be happy when he is told that his dressing isn’t official or doesn’t suit the occasion.

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7. Hug him before he leaves

Hold his bag into the car or outside and hug him before he drives away. Look into his eye and pray for him as he leaves to work. Let him see you like the best lady ever on earth. Leave no gap for competition.

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8. Help him undress as he returns home

You’re there for him as he is also available for you. The love we have should be mutual and forever we make a beautiful family. Men also love to be pampered, cared and cuddled. Give him a tight hug as he returns with his life for the family.



9. Show interest in what he does

Men love women who believe in their dreams or vision. Make him understand the reason he should continue with the good works. Participate in some of his games and show love for his interest. These romantic gestures for him will make your relationship last longer.



10. Kiss him when Necessary

If you are already together in a relationship. This is done at the right time and in the right place. Touch his face after a kiss and look directly into his eye.



11. Be with him in watching romantic movies

There will be days that you all find yourselves home out of work. Invite him t watch romantic movies together. The sign of music starts from whistling, so ring the bell of love. The little things bring out the greater things we don’t know.



12. Invite him to join you for a shopping

Only a few people know that going to the grocery store or mall with your partner shows a great symbol of love. There are more romantic gestures for him but he will feel so proud when you are together shopping and cuddling together.

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13. Ask about his day

A little romance like this helps to grow a relationship better. Ask how his day went if you are far and even together. It can be a phone call or text to find out his day’s work.



14. Pay attention and be a listener

Paying attention and listening to your partner is one of the most loving things you can do for him. It shows that you are caring and will not go against anything your people plan together.

Your partner wants to know that you listen to him and care about what he says. He will always get connected to you and will always be attracted to talk to you.



15. Prepare Breakfast for him

Regardless of how someone will think, food is the greatest way to reach his heart. If you want to impress him, cook his favorite meal for him as breakfast before he set off to any place. Just something simple answers the romantic gestures for him.



16. Take good care of him when he is sick

This will be the great time he needs you most. He might not be able to do a whole lot of things, be there for him. Most men feel it is the end of the world when they are sick. Try and support him till he recovers. Prove how much you care about him when he is sick by taking care of him.



17. Prepare a birthday surprise

Never let him know your intention during his birthday. It doesn’t matter how old he gets, remember his birthday and honor him with a romantic surprise. You can just surprise him with his favorite gift like cake on that day.



18. Watch events together

Is it a cinema or sports? Get together and watch together. If it is a sporting event, join him at the stadium to have a feel of the game. It shows how deep your love is going to be stronger and stronger always. You may surprise him by buying a ticket for all of you to go together.



19. Share some life stories

This is a lovely gesture that will help both of you to remember the past. Your partner will be happy to know the things that happened during your high school and you all laugh over the funny aspects.



20. take him out for a date

Why not impress your partner on your date plan instead of waiting for him to do so. Also, don’t wait for a special event before you guys can move out. Have your fun according to your plans. Doing these romantic gestures for him makes your partner feel loved.



21. Relax him with a massage

You know you and your man usually have stressful life which requires a massage. You can equally request a massage from him to show equality. This is one of the cutest most romantic gestures for him to fall for you in love always.





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