70 Toxic Relationship Quotes to Make Things Better

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70 Toxic Relationship Quotes to Make Things Better

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Love is better than fight

Have you been in a toxic relationship or fair love? Knowing these toxic relationship quotes will help you love yourself and maintain stamina.

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A healthy relationship may have challenges but can be solved when there is mutual cohesion. Having been in a toxic relationship is the most difficult and troubled one you can ever see even if you are in love. Your mind and heart need peace as this may render both challenging.

What do you know about the toxic relationship?

It is a relationship full of anxiety, unhappiness, and full of bullying yet you still love your partner. You find it difficult to leave the relationship despite the manhandling you go through with your partner.

After reading these toxic relationship quotes, you will be able to handle everything in a rightful manner and the way to quit if possible.

1. We love to heal our hearts but not to kill our dream-Gambo

2. You hurt me just because my love can’t evaporate

3. Concerns about my relationship is like warzone and ammunition

4. Stop harassing innocent young lady like she has no home.

5. Starving for love under your roof is beautiful silence killer

6. Relationships with no future hopes are not worthy of your time

7. Manners of good relationship end during the time of embodiment of self-afflictions

8. You cannot be happy when you are maltreated for no reason

9. Have no fame, no name but not painful as a toxic relationship

10. Hoping that one day I will get the happiness in my home again

11. I see hope despite the relationship’s ups and downs today

12. I weep when it is necessary but today’s own is exceptional

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13. I am hopeful that this is just a trial of a true relationship and the best will emerge from the bad.

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How can toxic relationship quotes solve trust?

Trust coming

14. I doubt whether will be today, tomorrow or the next day, trust will be built back and come with the speed of light

I hope to trust

15. I hope to trust someone again as we go through the challenges of today like never before. It is real and the trust may be coming in no time.

Building trust

16. I never gave up on building trust with him, it sounds ok today and tomorrow becomes perfect.

Change in pattern

17. I always dream of change to be positive until another change came to change my focus and aspirations. I hope to see the change I ever dreamt of years ago.


18. You have encouraged me to be relentless and strong in my vein as we are in the relationship, I also encourage you to change your path of brutality towards me.


19. Bravery is a pattern away from a toxic relationship for your knowing you deserve better treatment from someone else.

20. Bravery is the people who see the toxic relationship as inhuman and run to protect their dear life with a warm heart.

21. Only a few with the heart of bravery will stand out from the toxic person not what they benefit from the toxic relationships.

22. Brave man fights the battle for the family, not the wife who handles most of his home business.

23. Taking a bold step to handle your stuff is the best way to deal with unfortunate family problems.

24. Bravery is when you quit what hurt you and adopt what keeps you happy.

25. Don’t let them use your loyalty as slavery

26. If they treat you wicked live them lonely

27. No bravery is better than following your heart

28. Taking the boldest step from the wrong decision deserves awards

29. “You take your power back by letting people go”- Emma Xu

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30. Determination to leave what hurts you, is the propensity to fulfill your life

31. Who undermines your credibility to enjoy peace requires no attention

32. Those who can avoid setting themselves on fire and making someone warm deserve to be out of a bad relationship

33. Love is not to hook you on eggshells when you deserve better

34. You don’t need any moment to know you deserve better

35 Calling on peace is for peacemakers at home not in the market

36. Toxic relationship is like the pastor who preaches good and turns home to be evil

37. A healthy relationship should not drag one down but rather inspire in good spirit.

38 You don’t buy value in the market; we earn with respect.

39. Toxic relationship makes a lot crazy to treat innocent same.

40. Don’t let someone look good in the sight of others while he is in your pain.

41. Just avoid bias, unjust, and toxic relationships that can end your dreams.

42. You need a good time for yourself not for those who care less about you.

43. You don’t have to wait to be destroyed by the attitude of the toxic person.

44. You need better treatment than this toxic relationship.

45. Brutality in a relationship should be a fiction story not a reality for people like you.

46. No man born of Adam should treat the other with unkindness.

47. Giving up on someone doesn’t mean you don’t care but what will make you happy sometimes.

46. Bad relationships can make you forget there is something called love.

47. Healthy relationships have no death, always murdered by people who don’t see value in them.

48. Dump those who deserve no space in your heart for those who need that space.

49. Sometimes, moving on may be painful but better than where your value is not counted.

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50. You sometimes have to let these happenings become a history than letting them shutter your destiny.

51. We date to gain happiness, love, care, and companionship not to be indoors and cry.

52 Toxic people have no time for advice but only time to see their partner leaves.

53. You will be in the best position to understand a good relationship after you drop the wasteful one now.

54. If they pull you down, stand and walk away then let them sit on you. The relationship is for the matured not the unintended.

55. “A bad relationship is like standing on broken glass, if you stay you will keep hurting. If you walk away, you will hurt but eventually, you will heal.” ― Autumn Kohler

56. You have the power to terminate a toxic relationship. You have the freedom to leave without having any explanation to anybody.

57. Bad relationships can cost your life if you insist to stay because of what you benefit from today.

Toxic Relationship Quotes for Her

Some of the quotes who want to quit toxic relationships:

58. Women of value have nothing to lose than to quit rigorous relationships with pride.

59. End the unhealthy relationship to preserve that beauty for the man who will treat you like the queen.

60. Moving out of a toxic relationship helps to put to rest your brain and psychological effects.

Relationship Quotes for Unhealthy

66. Love is not about harassment but loving yourself first and ignoring who underestimates you.

67. Love doesn’t make you a doormat to be placed for people to walk over.

68. Love is not to be treated like a slave at your own house with no respect.

69. Unhealthy relationships can make you forget the beauty of the relationship forever.

70. A toxic man will fail to take responsibility, accept mistakes, and always create confusion in the house first.

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