8 Common Relationship Problems That Can Break Your Marriage

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8 Common Relationship Problems That Can Break Your Marriage

There are so many common relationship problems that can ruin your hard earned marriages or relationship. Many seem to look down on some of these problems which eventually end up collapsing marriage abruptly.

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You must know what is hurting your relationship before any issue of mistrust and agonies set into your relationship. Any good relationship or marriage that is left unsolved issues is like sickness without treatment.

It is possible to come across some problems in life day in day out but your responsibility is to address it amicably. You cannot afford to lose your relationship due some minor challenges. You already know what problems you are facing in the relationship, so be bold enough to face your own issues

1. Lack of trust

Trust is a key to the growth of every relationship. The moment trust gets broken; no amount of horses can chase it back. When trust suddenly gets missing in a relationship, it paves way for other problems to come unnoticed.

The CEO of your partner in life is his or her friends that he/she hangs out with. They either spoil or correct her/him to do things you never expect. Trust can be built back when one makes the other feels secured.

Set up some simple principles for each other and make sure you obey it. This will guide you well to build the trust than to lose it completely.

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2.  Poor Communications

Poor communication can lead to common relationship problems you never expected. Healthy communication can lead to success in every decision you take or actions you embark.

Those who are able to handle communication well are less likely to face any relationship conflicts. Effective communications is an important factor in a healthy relationship.

We have our differences when it comes to relationship. You may be a talkative while your partner remains a silent person. Regardless of your differences relationship requires a continuous communication.

What do you do when there is any misunderstanding? Have a good way of handling relationship conflicts. Sit with each other and work things out. If things fail get assistance from you marriage counselor.

If both of you are seeing changes in your communication, then analyze where things are getting bad. Work on identifying what is breaking your communication, and do not sit down for your spouse to read your mind.  Be open to each other and be a good listener to you conversation. Try to open up issues as it is and see the progress in your relationship.

3. Financial Problems from Both Part

Life requires money to keep home and solve issues. Financial pressures lead to argument  and other common relationship problems.

Money works in so many ways and it even keeps the family happy and lovely. You have to get financial plans as couples so that you never fall into financial distress.

Do you have to get joint account? How much money do you need for the month for the upkeep of the family? All these are to be done by both.

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Discuss issues relating to finance carefully. As a man know your responsibilities and leave money home to take care of meals. You have to plan how much goes into bills and how much is left to go into other needs.

No one from outside needs to hear about your family income, keep it between yourselves. If any of you understand the role to play, relationship problems will be a thing of the past.

4. Common Relationship Problems Rising from Jealousy

Jealousy kills zeal in happy relationship. If you build trust and faith in each other, there is no need for mistrust and jealousy. Jealousy can make your relationship a toxic one.

Jealousy is caused when one partner decides to hide some fact from the other partner and start to mingle with opposite sex who presumably is perceived of having something doing together. Read More: 6 Ways to Get Married Legally In Ghana

Continuous checking on your partner’s hideout, giggling on his phones, asking who he is walking with, and going through all his social media to see his friends or chats is a signal of relationship red flags.

Among so many problems in relationship, jealousy takes different way to handle. It is better to learn the best practices to avoid it in your relationship.

5. Over Dependency or Over Reliance on One Partner

Relationship is for support to both parties involved. No one should be in a relationship to make profit since it is not a business venture. If one turns to overburden the other financially, it brings problems and possible breakup.

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Be supportive to each other and don’t try to depend on only your man for everything you need. If you lack ask in a manner that will not offend him. If you also have something that your partner needs support, try and do it with kindness.

6. Poor Personal Hygiene from the Woman

What I see in most couples after marriage is the personal hygiene problem. It creates a lot of relationship problems where many homes. As a lady, you can protect you man with personal hygiene. Do you complain that he is not interested in coming closer to you again? Check well your hygiene and see if things won’t change.

7. Intimacy Disagreements

Problem with going close to each other can have a negative impact on your relationship. It is better to discuss nicely with your partner if you are not in the mood.

Get time on how to have intimacy and how to deal with it. Arrange time with your partner and how to make it work well. There is no harm in making things better at this point than getting your marriage collapse.

8. Lack of Appreciation

If you lack appreciation, you will never get good home to stay. A lot of people are losing friends and good relations because of lack of appreciations. You can never see it as problem until it start to deteriorate your home. Common relationship problems can solved when you see it early and work things out perfectly.

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