Forced Relationship (14 Genuine Signs)

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14 Genuine Signs you’re In a Forced Relationship

A forced relationship involves the other party doing the bull work while the other enjoys it.


A relationship is set to bring happiness and unity among partners. But if it turns out to be otherwise, then the mutual agreement is compromised for unhappiness. Some people are in a relationship they aren’t interested in yet can’t separate it easily.

The type of relationship that has lost its fundamental happiness is a forced relationship. The forced relationship is the type where the parties involved are tired of the relationship but find it tough to end it.

And this can be a result of certain reasons which are difficult to determine. Let’s jump into the signs which may indicate to you that you’re in a forced relationship.

1. You Don’t Care About For Each Other

The moment you don’t bother to hear from your partner and it doesn’t affect your emotions is an indication of you being in a forced relationship. When you see this type of signal in your union, bear with me that you’re almost out of the relationship.

You have to prepare to end the relationship or you will be shocked by brokenheartedness. You will suddenly be free of the drama and the noise in that already-dead relationship.

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2. You Talk To Him Well but He Gives an Awkward Response

You always initiate a good conversation about the future of your relationship but he gives you the contrary response. He even fails sometimes fails to respond to you about your conversation be it good or bad.

I don’t think you need any explanations for all these. It is self-explanatory on the way forward of the relationship. Do not let a forced relationship ruin you to the last point.

3. You Fight Unnecessarily

forced relationship

When you love someone, and he equally does the same, you choose words that are pleased with the ears of each other. Unfortunately, when the two of you are in a forced relationship, you speak to each other anyhow.

Any small discussion will trigger anger if you are in this type of relationship. The care for each other diminishes leaving each other self-reliant.

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 4. You Feel Happy Staying Alone

forced relationship

In a forced Relationship, each partner feels safe and happy when the partner is away. You can stay alone without your partner’s presence. They usually want to stay alone from each other due to the negative happenings in the relationship.

People who dearly love each other find it difficult to leave alone but in forced relations such is the norm. One can stay alone for several days without the opposing partner been worried.

5. You Are the One Who Initiates All Plans

Since when did you start the plans in your relationship? If you are the one who gives out all plans in the relationship before he accepts or rejects them, then something is not appropriate.

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If he is truly interested in the relationship, he would be coming up with concrete decisions not only you. It is pathetic to be forcing a relationship to succeed without the other’s positive concern.

6. You Feel Easy To Breakup

forced relationship

Do you see it easy to break up with him? In my first relationship, the scariest thing I did was break up with my ex. The same applies here if you feel safe to break up with him. If it doesn’t seem to be any problem to break up with him, then you in a forced relationship.

If staying with him makes you feel like you’re alone, then staying alone will be better. In a serious relationship, you cannot stay alone when your partner is not with you.

7. You find Happiness in Other people than Him

Everything that used to make both of you happy will eventually vaporize leaving an empty vessel of a relationship. He will also not have full concern for you and your close friends.

In a forced relationship, you find yourself in many uncomfortable things and having happiness from other people. When a person is dissatisfied with their current spouse, he or she seeks out other sources of love and happiness, and they begin to think about other individuals instead of their partners.

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8. In a Forced Relationship Communication Breaks

He replies to you by nodding his head to your talks and speaking no more. Communication is the backbone of any healthy relationship, so if it fails to work properly then you are in a bad one of course.

When you are in a forced relationship, everything including communication breaks down. He may not have the usual discussions with you anymore.  He will no more praise you when doing something right.

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9. He Hides Things

When a relationship transforms into being forced relationship, your partner starts to hide things from you. I don’t mean candy or eggs, I mean things like texting other people and even lying about where he is.

10. It turns Into a One-sided

The relationship is about sharing the burden and understanding each other’s views. On the side of a forced relationship, the burden turns to one side.

In terms of problems in a relationship, you get someone to lean on or talk to about it. But it turns out to be only you who talk to yourself or solve your problems. In an actual sense, the relationship will not only be one person’s decision.

11. You Feel Less Secured

Who will even stand by me if I get a problem? I feel unsafe where I’m now. These are the doubts that run through your mind if you are in such a relationship.

My dear, you deserve better if you feel insecure. Your partner deserves to be part of you but if he turns against you then quit.

12. You Don’t have Future Plans Together

forced relationship

Both of you understand that the relationship has no future just that you’re forcing things. If you personally have not mentioned anything to him about the future or he has not also mentioned it to you then understand that he has no plans for you to be together.

Do not be forcing things on each other since they will collapse on your way forward. Every serious couple enjoys having time together while planning for the future, so your relationship is in serious trouble if you aren’t doing this.

13. You Don’t Discuss your Feelings

If it has to get to the extent of you feeling bad to discuss your feelings with him because you will not be heard, then my dear, you are stacked in a forced relationship.

Relationship and communications intertwine, but if it fails to follow the same pattern, you are not in a relationship.

14. You Are Both Avoiding Family Meetings

See it as a red flag if you are both avoiding meetings with the family yours or his. If your relationship was a good one, you would have loved introducing him to your family.

He is not also interested to introduce you to his family because he knows the relationship won’t last long. Don’t waste your precious time on such a relationship because you’re just forcing it to work.


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