Extravagant Success: How I Created 10 Facebook Groups, made 250K+, and Quit my Job

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Facebook group

Extravagant Success: How I Created 10 Facebook Groups, made 250K+, and Quit my Job

Facebook groups

This article starts with asking “are you bored?” Yes? Well, that happens. I tell you who is sleepless, bitter lit ‘rally – the risk-averse among us just can’t bring themselves to take on some new low-investment challenge … one of the most dangerous examples being the fake Facebook group.

Do you know that you can make money from Facebook group just like am doing? Sure! It depends on what you do with your Facebook groups. I made my first 1k when I was in High school. Check how to make money online in Ghana.

I publish articles great content that sort to solve the problem many people are facing in their daily lives. I have a Facebook group on health where we discuss major on health. I am able to share my affiliate links there on weight loss.

Some of the members who are interested on the type of products contact our private sections for more information. We end up closing business getting our commission intact.

We also have group on love and relationship. We have experts on that niche to help address issues for our members. Growing Facebook group will give you the opportunity to have a greater control on your engagements.

I usually adopt a brand that makes Facebook shows my page or news in their news feed. What I will advise you is that, try and have a good relationship your fans on the page.  They eventually start to share and comment on your work so long as you have good communication with them.

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How to Launch a Facebook Group

Do you want to get your own Facebook group? Don’t worry again we shall get you what you asked for.

A Facebook Group is for those with a story to tell. Groups can cover all sorts of topics and there is no restriction on what people can post. Launching a group is more than just posting once and leaving – it takes thoughtful content, great design, and great curation to grow a successful group.

Get your niche intact and don’t go outside your niche. You can decide to just post pictures relating to your niche.

Persistence in this business help to achieve the goal why the group was set up. If you don’t have any reason why the group is set up then think of it again.

I did that with any my Facebook groups and it really worked. I first wrote what I want to give to my readers. I tried to know the type of pictures I will be using. I make sure to post 3 times every day and I am able to get 10k followers in just 2 months on 4 of my groups.

If you apply the same strategy, I know you’ll make it as well.

How Much Possible Income from a Facebook Group?

You can make about $100 on a Facebook group by yourself. But there are also some big groups—such as the Nestle MILO & Nescafé Technical University Advertising Group, which has more than 130,000 members—that you can partner with for 66% commission ($66 per sale).

How to make the money on the group depends on your activeness to do the work. There are several ways I make money from Facebook groups. More than 1.8 billion people uses Facebook groups and more than 70million admins and moderators are actively working.

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You can make money through buying and selling of products. Because you have the group is for you, there is no problem with how many times you post.

You can equally use you group to drive traffic to your blog, or YouTube channel to make money from AdSense or any ads monetized. It can help you make money from cost per clicks (CPC), ads impressions.

Write a short story to your audience on what you need including call-to-actions. Some you their group for consulting services. I give free tips on business development and direct potential customers to their paid offers. I get paid for the work I do. The services I give pays me well every week.

How to Promote a Facebook Group

Before I even created my first Facebook group and shared it on my own timeline, I spent a lot of time researching groups and pages on Facebook to get a feel for some examples.

From the research, I learned that there are four main types of Facebook groups. There are lead generating groups, market share groups, affiliate generating groups, and revenue generating groups.

All four are effective when promoting because they allow members to purchase products or services offered by other group members. There are also various ways this is done including but not limited to ads in the group wall, ads in the group home page, sweepstakes, etc.

Importance of Proper Facebook Groups

Proper groups are important because they are the pool of people you are attracting. Group personalities are tightly linked to group names, but Facebook doesn’t make it easy to know who your members are unless they happen to be your friends on Facebook too. Find out the 8 lazy ways to make money online.


I’ve been a happy member of Facebook groups since 2004. I’ve seen them go from places of inspiration and lifestyle discussions to egotistical rule breakers looking for a handout. Today I can proudly say that I’ve created 10 of them which have had over 250k members. They make 30k a month collectively, and I even sell courses on how to do this for others.

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