Does My Ex Want Me Back or is He Playing Games? 5 Things to Know

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Does my ex want me back or is he playing games? 5 things to Know

Are you eager to know if your ex wants you back or playing games?


This is the right article to show you whether he is playing games or a sign of truth. There are times someone can be truthful or deceitful in his words to you. Humans can be pretentious in their activity and act angelic towards their neighborhoods.

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I want you to know that this is normal after a breakup. Some people may turn around to know how you are feeling after the breakup. Your ex can play games to build his personal ego.

Remember, if your ex is playing games with you, he may pretend to get some information from you.

Let me walk you through some of the signs to know whether you are playing games or wants your back.

1. He/ She Will Have Great Lifestyle Changes as You Knew Him to Be Before

You will notice that your ex will have some sudden lifestyle which is quite different from how he/ she use to be.

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He either becomes bossy, arrogant, or bad responses to your request and all forms of strange lifestyle.

When your ex wants you back in good faith, he will not be playing manipulating games or what so ever.

When you notice certain behaviors like these, don’t fall for them and suffer the consequences again.

If he used to call with a normal name, he may decide to make it more lovely and convincing. He pretends to achieve a certain purpose.

Does my ex want me back or is he playing games?

He may be interested to achieve sexual desires or understand how you think about the breakup.

It is funny; your ex doesn’t even know what is good for him or her. You must stand firm to oppose all manipulating actions from him or her.

2. Slide or Total Changes in Communication

Does my ex want me back or is he playing games?

Do you know your ex to be the type who likes calling you or not?

Does he/she speak fast or slow when you are talking?

Now, study your ex way of communication. Your ex will be totally different as he used to be.

You have to cut off major communication about yourself to your ex. Be free to him or her but not to reveal all your secrets to your ex.

You already know how your ex discusses issues with you so study and interpret it yourself.

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Does my ex want me back or is he playing games?

A game person will be quite difficult to understand if you do not play a smart strategy.

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He pretends to be a changed person and calls you with all the sweet names you can hear of.

Communication is a vital thing in a relationship. Study his way of communicating after the breakup. Does he call you often? Does he answer your text quickly?

A word to the wise is enough.

3. He/ She Always Want to Know Your Relationship Status

Good to know the mid-game with good intent and the one with the opposite. Is your ex always asking about your relationship status?

Answer your ex without revealing your new relationship status. Why is he even interested to know about my relationship?

Go ahead and listen to him to know his full intention and what probably he is coming back for. You are the master of your own decision to keep mute and let destiny determines.

If only he is coming back for you with good intention, no soothsayer need to tell you.

4. He/ She Says What He Can’t Fulfil

Have you noticed the number of failed promises he/ she makes?

You are matured now read his intentions from his actions. Don’t be lured by what doesn’t exist.

If he really meant another sustainable relationship, he will never fail any promise he makes to you.


5. He May Be Back for a Revenge

If you were the one that caused the breakup, then your ex may be back for revenge. He may pretend as if you have lost all the best things on this planet.

You don’t have to worry if he caused the breakup. Just hold it cool and understand the way game planners behave.

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Your ex will be empowered when you behave badly towards him about the breakup. It shows you’re hurt and weak.

He is even affected than you because he is not aware of how you were able to control yourself over the pain he caused.

How to Control the Mental Game of your Ex?

Avoid revealing all your secrets to him.

Respond to his messages as a normal person.

Don’t initiate conversations. Let him bring out the issue on the table.

Do not be in haste to answer his calls or text. Stay cool to whatever he says.

Analyze before responding to any messages he sends to you.

Avoid messages that are irrelevant.

Pretend to be sometime busy with your work

Do not fall for the lies he peddles.


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