An Interview with Anago Felix by Gambo Mumuni ( 12 Questions)

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An Interview with Anago Felix by Gambo Mumuni

interview with anago felix1. Who’s Anago Felix?

Anago Felix – Anago Felix is a Content Writer, Copywriter & Trainer, Business Strategist. That’s basically who I am.

I’m an individual with an insatiable passion to influence and impact entrepreneurs and Business Owners with the strategies to Build, Grow and scale a Profitable Business.


2.From my research, I discovered you’ve trained over 120 persons in the area of Content Writing. How were you able to achieve that in a few months?

Anago Felix – Okay, before now, I’ve been organizing Free training on Content Writing, training and grooming young smart minds on how to create valuable and engaging content that would get their readers glued.

I officially started training individuals for certification in content writing in early January 2021. The Testimonials and Results I got were what made me launch the second batch. And so far within 6 months and in 3 Batches, I’ve been able to train over 120 in Content Writing and the results are off the hook.

3. Were you charging them for the Content Writing Masterclass or you were doing it for free?

Anago Felix – I was charging them. One thing I discover is this, People don’t value free things. I’ve seen instances where people get into free training and they don’t even get to open the group chat. Some people don’t even engage to the point of getting the best for their time.

But when it is paid, they pay more attention.

Just like the way late Ubong King Puts it, “He who pays, Pays Attention!”

If you invest your hard earn money, you’d always find time to invest in yourself, but if you get in for free, you may not value it.

4.  I have Some People who are on my Facebook page, wanting to learn how to Make Money Online, What advice can you give them to start with?

Anago Felix – Okay, When it comes to Making Money Online, what I always advise people to understand is, it’s all about VALUE!

If you’re not valuable, forget about Making Money Online. Money responds to Value. If you’re not valuable enough, you can never make money online.

When it comes to being valuable, one thing you should start with is sharing Value on your social media platforms.

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It isn’t advisable you start with all platforms. Just pick one and gradually spread your influence on others.

Now, there’s something you know right there that someone somewhere needs to know in other to move from the level they are to the level they want to be.

Or there’s a problem you overcame in the past that someone is currently struggling to overcome.

Why not share your knowledge and tips on how to help people in that area.

So when it comes to making money online, it’s all about having a product to sell. Here, the product we have is our knowledge.

You can package that special knowledge in form of an ebook and SELL. That’s the only and the easiest way to make money online – selling informational Products.

You can either package that information inform if an ebook, audio, or video and sell it.

Now, after packaging that information, before you launch out to sell, you must have a ready, hungry audience who you’ve been feeding with premium value who will buy this information.

The best and most easy thing you can do to make money online fast is selling information products.

Anago Felix

5. Gambo Mumuni If I may ask, How did you venture into entrepreneurship?

Anago Felix – Smiles… Well, entrepreneurship is something I develop a passion for forever since I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Book (Rich Dad, Poor Dad). I felt, if Robert Can actually achieve great things as an entrepreneur, I can also do much more.

So the passion for entrepreneurship came when I decided to be in charge of my time and routine. Having no one to boss me around.

That’s when I explored the online world to see how I can be able to create wealth for myself by selling Digital content.

6. Gambo MumuniWhat would you say is your greatest motivation since you ventured into entrepreneurship?

Gambo Mumuni – What advice would you give individuals who want to go into entrepreneurship?

Anago Felix – The first piece of advice I’ll give any individual who wants to go into entrepreneurship is – Find out if this is actually what you want!

You see, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Someone can actually be a 9-5 worker and still live a fulfilled life.

You say you want to quit your job and venture fully into entrepreneurship, you might shoot yourself in the leg.


What I’ll advise any young person to do is try to find out if this entrepreneurship thing is actually for them. And if you’ll be able to endure even in times of tribulation.

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7. Gambo MumuniWhat’s your greatest Fear?

Anago Felix – My greatest Fear as an entrepreneur is Fear of failure.

The Fear of Losing everything I’ve gathered so far.

But when it comes to life generally, my greatest fear is death. I don’t want to die without leaving a footprint in the sand of time.

8. Gambo Mumuni What’s your greatest motivation since you ventured into entrepreneurship?

My greatest motivation since I ventured into entrepreneurship Is the belief that I can achieve so much. I can be who I want to be. I can travel the world around having no one bossing me around.

10. Gambo Mumuni – How do you generate content ideas?

Anago Felix –  I generate content ideas in different ways. Sometimes when I’m washing my clothes and a content idea drops in my head, I’ll quickly leave that and then pick up my smartphone and then write down that idea. The truth is we are not superhumans. Ideas disappear. Once an idea comes to you and you fail to put them down, you’ll lose them.

So no matter what I’m doing at that time when an idea drops, what I do is stop that thing and then ensure I put it on paper.

That’s one way, another way I generate content ideas is by reading. Yes, I read a lot. In the process of reading, whether a blog post or an ebook and got inspired, I’ll quickly stop reading and save up that idea in my notepad.

anago felix and Gambo

These are the two major ways I generate content ideas.

Other ways include:

  • Comments on my social media Posts
  • I ask my audience questions
  •  I Check out what other websites are saying
  • Google search suggestions e.t.c.

11. Gambo Mumuni – You’ve been a Content Writer for  since 2020, and we recently launched a new website

What would you say about world trending247? And how has your growth been since you’ve been creating content for a successful era? Has it been helpful to you in any way?

Anago Felix – Now, one thing entrepreneurs need to understand is the place of PROCESS and the need for PATIENCE.

See, if you skip the process, you’ll live in regret for the rest of your life.

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So when it comes to succeeding as an entrepreneur, one thing you need to understand is, there’s time for everything! All you need to do is put in the work.

If you’re doing something and you’re not getting the result you want, that doesn’t mean it won’t work. All you have to do is continue putting in the work.

So working as a Content Writer for has been fulfilling and joyful. It’s something I enjoy so much. Over the months, the Successful era has offered me the platform to grow my content writing skills.

The successful era has given me the chance to make my voice heard by thousands of people. This is one thing I never take for granted. The goal has always been to impact lives.

My last question for you is, What Special Projects are you currently working on?

Anago Felix – I’ll answer this in two ways.

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I currently have two projects I’m working one of which is my Copywriting Mastery Course.

Copywriting is the number one skill needed for the success of any online business. If you must make headway as an entrepreneur, you must acquire the skill of copywriting. On like content writing, where you write to add value, in copywriting, you write to SELL. Your ability to carefully use words to persuade your target audience to take action is what makes you a copywriter.

So far I’ve trained over 80 Students just in the first batch alone (August 2021) and the Testimonials I keep getting daily are mind-blowing. My students keep thinking me how far they’ve improved when it comes to writing copies that sell.

With my Copywriting Mastery course, any Dummy can easily learn the skill of copywriting. All you need is the drive to learn and the willingness to obey instructions.

The second project I’m working on is my next book titled – Sold Out: How to sell yourself in the 21st century even if you’re shy.

My first book was titled, Shine Your Light. It was a best-seller, actually.

12. Gambo Mumuni : Wow, that’s amazing… I love this. You’re doing great. It’s really great having you on this interview. Thanks for your time. Greater heights for you Felix.

Anago Felix: You’re most welcome sir. Thanks for having me.

Dear readers, Were you in any way inspired by this interview?

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  1. I was inspired by his authenticity, he has de rite answer to every question. He is also very knowledgeable abt his Field and dat inspires me to read more.

  2. Wow. I am really inspired by the interview. I like what he said “if you are not valuable, forget about making money online”. Now I think of it. I will also love to leave my footprint in the sand of time. Felix is best copywriter and content writer I know. Keep it up man!

  3. Very bright, the responses to the interview questions are on point, no beating around the bush, inspirational

  4. The way he answered every questions shows he’s a legend at what his doing.

    Especially, when he quote sir Ubong King ” he who pays pay attention”, so if you’re a newbie you have to pay before you can be transform.

    Thanks, sir.

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