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8 Sacrifices You Need to Escape From Poverty

8 Sacrifices You Need to Escape From Poverty

Escape From Poverty

There is this saying by the poor people ” Rich people have more problems and lacks freedom”  if you asked them why they will tell you ” Rich people don’t have the freedom that’s why they are always guided by bodyguards, security personnel, a wild dog with a fence embankment.

And what worsens their situation is Robbers attacking them day in day out.

So they prefer to be in peaceful poverty, rather than becoming rich and losing their freedom.

Yes, is true but hey! Poverty is not something good for you.

“Poverty is not a disease but a ferocious killer, don’t wish it for anyone” – Atta Frank

If you are thinking of escaping poverty now, then you are not lost, but you are at the right place.

I’m going to edify the best way to escape from poverty. I was once like you but I have been able to overcome it. Why can’t you?

Below are 8 sacrifices you need to escape from poverty.

1. Stop Being Entitled

 If you want to escape from poverty, then stop being entitled.

Nobody owed you entitlement. I repeat nobody.

Not even your parents.

You are responsible for your life. Whatever happens in your life is the decision you took way back. Never think your family members or friends owed you because you are one of them or they are your buddy.

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  2. Change Your Mindset towards Money

escape from poverty

 Yes, change your attitude towards money. You can’t expect to be rich and hate rich people.

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Most poor people have a national anthem “Money is the root of all evil”. The Bible says “For the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil” 1 Timothy 6:10

The Bible says the Love of it, not the money itself.

You can’t hate money and expect to get it.

Change your mindset towards money, indeed you want to get out of poverty.

3. Educate Yourself financially

escape from poverty

If I say educate yourself, I don’t mean you should sit in the lecture hall or classroom but I mean self-schooling. Read books, attend webinars and seminars and take advice from those who have been able to make it.

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4. Stop Caring What Other People Think

 Unless those people are buying from you, never mind what they think or say about you.

You know what you are up to, so never allow what they say to deprive you of achieving your goals(  financial freedom). Let them spit any shit at you but remember your goal is not people but to break out from poverty.

“Your care is what cares not others care.” Atta Frank

5. Learn To Sell

This is one of the secrets to getting out of poverty.

I remember when I was young, My mom used to send me to sell at the market, I was selling tomatoes, pineapple, cabbage, and all kinds of vegetables. Some elderly people said its child labor, and my pals were making fun of me.

I told my mom and she said “Will those people pay your fees or feed you? Don’t mind them, my son learning to sell is better than learning to steal. Learn how to sell now, so that you won’t find yourself wanting in future.” I took this advice and it has helped me a lot.

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Learn to sell if you want to get out of poverty.

6. Remove yourself from the statistic of the Poor

The first step to help the poor is to not be one of the poor. With the limitless knowledge and resources available today, it will be too selfish of you to remain poor. Here is why you should escape from poverty.

By using the resources within your disposal to get out of poverty, you mathematically reduce the number of poor people in the world, not just by one but by many.

That knowledge; that idea; that skill you have, can help take care of two, three, or more people. It will be unfair if you don’t develop it.

You can’t become a person of success while still identifying yourself as poor. Eliminate all those labels associated with poverty from your lips. Stop referring to ring yourself as among “the poor masses”. Start surrounding yourself with progressive people.

7. Learn a skill and get good at it

On a deeper level, the problem of poverty is not lack of money but lack of skill. The best strategy to escape poverty is to learn a skill people want to pay for.

Interestingly, there is an avalanche of free resources to help you develop and brush up your skills; from programming, design to marketing skills. There is also carpentry shoemaking, car mechanics, another handwork.

This is where you need to keep your entitlement mindset to check. As long as you are doing decent work, and earning a living off it, you should be confident and proud of what you do.

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8. Move your service from intermediate to professional

 Listen attentively to this. People do not hire you or patronize your business or service because they want to help you get out of poverty. They do so because they need to solve a problem. Many people get trapped in the circle of poverty and mediocrity by offering poor and nonchalant services.

They go about their work like hunting; every encounter is hunt and kill. They leave each prospect bitter and vowing never to patronize them again.

Don’t toll this path. Instead, keep in mind that people are inherently selfish; they want to be treated well; they want good results. Focus on helping them get what they want so that you can get what you want.

Use this to get out of poverty.

Here is where time will permit us.  Your comments are warmly welcome


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