How to Fix a Relationship You Ruined: 10 Golden Tips

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How to Fix a Relationship You Ruined

How to Fix a Relationship You Ruined: 10 Golden Tips

How to Fix a Relationship You Ruined
Post about How to Fix a Relationship You Ruined

You are not alone in this issue. So you want how to fix a relationship you ruined? Now your partner is upset about that action? We all make mistakes as humans and if your cost your relationship, don’t think that it is impossible to fix. Now to solve this problem follow our suggestions in this article and use some to fix things up.

1. Don't be Deprived and Hopeless


In quest of fixing a relationship, you ruined, letting her know you still care as a man is one of the significant of fixing. Letting her know but not sounding too derived and hopeless. You won’t die if she rejects the gesture.

Do something that says or talks about you being sorry without you being happy. You can make dinner but not look like an obsessive stalker.

Whatever you do in aiding to fix a relationship, let your motion shows you just care about her and not that you expecting something from her.

Speak your mind and heart out not making a deal in focus which will somehow make her feel indebted to you since of anything you partake through.

2. Be Responsible for what you did

You have to take responsibility for what happened. Just be frank enough to explain why things went wrong without putting the blame. You have to show remorse for your action than just saying sorry.

Let your partner have the feeling of how your issues hurt him/her. Let your partner know you were a bit naïve about all that happened. This will help you get things done faster and aid the process.

3. Let your intentions clearly be known 

Talking about how to save a relationship you ruined .one of the most crucial aspect is letting them know your intentions when another chance is given.

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Using the opportunity to talk your heartbeat to them .doing so, you become honest about your intentions and thus what you hope to achieve by reaching out.

To undo the damage in a relationship and begin the process of reinstating trust after the lies and hurt you cause to your partner, you have to be clear and upfront.

Showing your partner the respect they deserve by letting them see you are committed to transparency with them should they decide to come back.

4. Accept your role in damaging the relationship

Accepting your role and taking accountability for your actions so that your partner can believe you seriously that you want to make things right is one of the keys how to fix a relationship you ruined.

Accepting the cause of the crumble in the relationship is an important way of fixing it back. Focusing on that rather than yours is better.

Even if your partner had a role to play to drive the relationship apart, it’s not time to point out mistakes but accept your own faults, and mistakes.

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5. Tell what you are willing to sacrifice 

If you are the cause of a ruined relationship, then you must be willing to define what you will sacrifice when you both come together this time.

If you made an offense, you have to sacrifice for recovery. E.g. when you cheated on your partner, be willing and ready to give them access to your phone this time around, report your whereabouts anywhere you go anytime, etc.

These petty sacrifices can help both recover fast. Aside from these sacrifices, be ready to help make the relationship work.

Don’t just say a vague promise but know the very specific things you are willing to do that will be useful and important to both of you in quest of fixing a damaged relationship.

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6. Get to the Main Cause of your Problem

To fix a ruined relationship, figuring out the root cause of the issue is the main important part. How it ended, what caused the relationship to be damaged, how you see the relationship, yourself and your partner, etc. 

Digging deep inside this and your own yourself is the right and foremost thing to do. Keep doing the needful to bring things to normal. This is the way to spice up your relationship


7. Spend some time apart 

To repair a damaged relationship that you ruined, distance yourself until you are fully nourished. This doesn’t mean you have ignored your partner but time away to improve yourself is required.

Set a few boundaries but not to the point of you disappearing.  Keeping yourself busy with different activities and hobbies. Avoiding hanging out with mutual friends, deleting social media platforms, etc. will help fix a sweet relationship you ruined.

8. Rebuild the lost trust slowly 

Rebuilding the lost trust slowly won’t be easy in this aspect but a must-do. Learn to be precise and patient. Take responsibility for what you did wrong. This can be a great way how to fix a relationship you ruined. Apologize for what you did wrong. 

Set a goal and try working towards it. Understanding your partner’s feelings and anger by letting them know you have to put the past behind you and thus looking into the future with positivity. Remember, building trust requires time and patients so take note.

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9. Don't Romanticize your Relationship

In the quest for fixing a broken relationship that you ruined, don’t romanticize it. Everyone tends to do this to a broken relationship. You only are stuck on good memories because you want the relationship back and working right?

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Set boundaries and reasons why you want to fix it. Think of breaking it, and what you can do this time to make it work. 

If you were self-centered, then it’s time to work on it to be compassionate. You don’t necessarily have to change at once or completely cause life itself is a process and in progress. Little by little all days can’t be equal so note that.

10. Communicate it out 

Despite whatever happens in the relationship, communicating is the first and foremost bridge that helps fix a ruined relationship.  All issues related to how to fix a relationship you ruined show be worked through communication.

If your guy or lady won’t answer your text messages or calls, in that case, your chances are limited.

Put together a laudable mail or via social media messages of letting him or her know you are sorry. You cherish the times both enjoyed together.

Communicate it out but remember to keep your temper cool and in check and note the goal is to be a better person when they respond back.

Summary of how to fix a relationship you ruined

You have to know that everything is possible so you can do things to rekindle your relationship. Be remorseful, apologize when necessary, and communicate well with issues that can bring hope to your partner. This will help you how to fix a relationship you ruined back to reality.

Signs your relationship is beyond repairs

  • You will have a total breakdown of a communication
  • Aggressive nature of addressing issues which lands to another problem
  • No remorse from any partner to accept faults
  • You don’t talk at all
  • You become afraid to speak to each other
  • One of the partners starts cheating
  • There is no little bit of trust

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