10 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase a Woman for Love

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never chase a woman

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase a Woman for Love

never chase a woman
Never chase a woman for love

It is full of anxiety and emotional distress when you get dumped by a woman. That is fine and not the end of you. I will share with you today, 10 reasons why you should never chase a woman who rejected you for someone else.

Many times, many men forget that a woman who loves you love will never hurt you. Just be glued to this article and I will psyche you to know what has ended some people’s lives and businesses because of a lady.


Sometimes many ask for ways to get their ex back but it is not always the best to me unless you find ways to attract love in your relationship.

1. You Will Get Rejected Again

When she wants to leave, open the door for her to go. It hurts but the truth hit on the right point. Never chase a woman who sees you be nobody. She is equally nobody. No one says it is not hurting to see her go but the best way is to let her be.

I have encountered several of these and 90% of them end up coming back. But fuck off to accept you back when you disrespect me. Ladies have several meanings to men who keep following them when they reject you. Some call those men “bulls,” “dunderheads,” and other fancy names.

I don’t want her to reject you again and again. Let her go with her problems and will you will surely meet someone who truly loves you.

2 She Will Use You

If you actually want to be ruled by her, then you can still chase her. She will spend your resources and finally give you heartbreak harder than you’ve experienced.

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At this point, she knows you have nowhere to go and anything can be thrown at you. Everything of value will be used on her if you are not careful. It may not work as expected.

Any woman with a deep love for you will never allow you to think evil and get devastated. Chasing her won’t solve your problem but will multiply it for you. Don’t give her that chance to finish you up.

3. She will never put any effort into the relationship again

You cannot do it all alone that’s why you need her to come on board. At this point, you will be bringing all the effort but her effort will be none.

If you do not stop chasing her, then be ready to do things beyond you. Women of such don’t think you are a good match for them.

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You will do all you can to prove her wrong but you cannot change her mind. I don’t mean you should not try but am afraid it may be a time waste for someone who devalues your effort.

If you want to have peace of mind, never chase a woman who refuses you a second chance. You can’t bear the second rejection because that might be the worse in your life.

4. She Will Look Down On you

Underestimation in a relationship comes when one party sees the other as less valued. You will be in that class if you don’t cease the time waste chasing her.

It is always important to look up to those whom you value and get the same in return. I know you may find it difficult to accept rejections but that is cool. It may lead you to frustration and emotional anxiety.

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I want you to stop chasing her because she may not see the worth in you when you are begging her to stay. She will even use that as evidence and think she was right with her decision.

Do you know that somebody special more than her is expecting to get you? Leave your comfort zone and make an effort.

5. Your Investment will be a waste

There is no time to waste on an investment that will not yield interest. The same applies to investing yourself in a woman who rejects you.

She does not deserve your attention or time. If you do not stop wasting your investment on her, you will get wastage time.

Giving her attention doesn’t mean you can change her life. Look around and get someone who will understand you.

6. Nothing will make her like you again

Nobody does something without a reason. When you get rejected, it means the decision was predetermined. It doesn’t just come once but is well planned with her coordinating friends.

Probably she was not your class or speck. She doesn’t deserve you and that is the reason why you should never chase a woman of her caliber.

Do not give her the strength to break your heart again. Sometimes we chase what will not be of benefit to us leaving the opportunities behind.

7. Hold Yourself because she is gone

No matter what happens it gives you the offer to make a choice. Many forget that not all glitters are gold.

If you are in pain now because of love, I will urge you to hold yourself. Keep a good habit and wait for the right person to come for you.

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You cannot merge the broken wire thinking it will remain the same. Hold on to your faith and let time decide for you.

Never chase a woman to fall in love because of your happiness. They don’t care what happens to you even when they are dumping you.

8. Never Chase a woman who disrespects you

You have been disrespected for even all the good heart you have for her. Women who rejects you despite your clean heart do not love or care about your well-being.

Do you think they see you to be that classic man? No, she doesn’t respect your opinion and not talk about your personality.  

9. They are cheating on you

She had started dating someone long ago before showing you the exit. Women only change when they get another man in their life.

They will need time to have fun with their new bae and not you anymore. Think of your health and let her go forever.

10. She is not a good lady for you

You deserve better than the lady you are following. A relationship is not about chasing but understanding from both parties.

If you don’t get a woman to stand by you at difficult times, then my friend let posterity be your judge.

She will regret it later because not most ladies get bad the result after dumping a clean-hearted man. Don’t force the system but let it work according to schedules.


I urge you never to chase a woman to love you because the consequences are not pleasant. Look for the person who truly loves you and will never hurt you no matter what happens. Live a decent life with such a person.

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