5 Things to Do After a Breakup Instead (21 Days Healing)

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Things to Do After a Breakup

5 Things to Do After a Breakup Instead of Being Sad (21 Days Healing)

Things to Do After a Breakup

You are deeply in sorrow and want the things to do after a breakup you just went through. It doesn’t matter the duration of the relationship, be it months, years or days, it pains as losing a loved one forever. Don’t forget that thousands of people are going through the same problem right now and they did not commit suicide. Never allow what you are going through now to end the beautiful goals you wrote down long ago.

I actually sympathize with you because you truly loved your partner so well but it is destiny that didn’t allow you to be together. You may get your ex back if you are patient enough.

Many died in a relationship but you are alive and only faced with a breakup. As a publisher, we face similar problems and we use many as proof in writing for you to get inspired. Let him/ her go and do the needful in order not to be engaged in a similar situation.

What many forget is that life will not always favourable; we have unfavourable events that may happen. You are going to feel lonely, sad, depressed, confused, disappointed, and surprised at the initial stage of the breakup. Now, follow what I did to recover so quick at the initial stage in just 21 days.

Check the main causes of the breakup in the chat and know you are not at fault at all.

Things to Do After a Breakup

1. Accept the Situation

Things to Do After a Breakup

You will not get it easy as you go through this moment. You will be sad as I said earlier. Nothing will seem so easy for you. Let the mixed feelings occur because you have to grieve.

I used to weep alone in my bedroom without letting someone know my problem. Don’t spread the news to most of your friends. Your first week of it is very painful. Cry all out as can to let this moment out of you.

Just keep in mind that the feelings of this grief and sorrow will go down soon. Don’t avoid these moments as they may go a long way to hurt you. Give in the moment of sorrow to pass. And these are the things to do after a breakup that just occurred.

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2. Establish the Point of No Contact

You will get to this stage where you will be tempted to call and find out what you did wrong. No, don’t try it. The world is like a dice, let the person have their game for now. In this healing process, you don’t need to contact your ex again.

All communications should be on hold now. You will be tempted to do that but do not allow it to happen. Value your integrity and let your ex have what they requested. I personally will never call because I don’t like those who rejected me to continue to reject me more.

Any good person who truly loves you will stay no matter what happens. It is the period to stop calling, texting or checking your chats with her. Hide your ex from all forms of communication. Apply the no cotact rule and see the signs in few days after the breakup.

It will be tempting to call her but do not do it. Block your ex if possible and never let her see anything in your feed. If you are rejected, reject that person as well. The moment you make that mistake of calling your ex, you will worsen your case.

If you cannot do this, then ask any of your close friends to change your passwords and have a social media break. It will help you to heal fast and eventually things will get better.

3. Connect With Your Friends Around You

Things to Do After a Breakup

Socialize with other people around you. If they are playing football, join them to play or go and watch them play. Have a little bit of fun to heal your emotional problem. Among the things to do after a breakup, I tip this first. Your friends are the immediate people to help you recover easily.

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Some of them will share their own story on breakups and how they got recovered after some time. You are not the only person facing this problem as many have gone through. You have to socialize with them to support you to get rid of it.

After the breakup, you will definitely find yourself feeling more withdrawn and sad. This is the right moment to reconnect with friends or family. You can even have a party with your friends to share memories of the past.

This is the moment to reconnect with you too. Plan on what next and how to achieve certain things you were not having time for. Take time to reflect on who you are at the back of your relationship.

4. Focus on building yourself

The time for you to handle your body like an egg is now. Take this period to practice self-care. It is the period to catch up with things that will change your physical and emotional look. Check some of the self-care things I did when I got hit with a similar situation.

  • Get enough rest: If you got hit by a storm, you must prepare your body to withstand any other storm in your life. Have time for your body by sleeping well unlike the previous time of long calls or sleepless nights because of your ex. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep since the breakup is so devastating. If you are tired from the day, get a few minutes’ of nap to recover your strength.
  • Enjoy your Favorite Diets: The moment to recover your strength and look fresh. Prepare the body to look so gorgeous to people around your vicinity. The sorrow can make you eat less so take good care of your diet.
  • Watch Movies not relating to love: I choose to watch movies like adventurous movies which are far from loved ones when I got heartbroken. Sit down; watch your favourite movies to cool things down for you.
  • Exercise: exercise is very important to help you recover from any sorrow you might be going through now. You can do a workout in your room without going out.
  • Visit Places: Move out of your comfort zone and take a walk around small. You go to tourist sites to have feeling of a different environments. These are the things to do after a breakup to help you recover within the 21 days period so quick.
  • Don’t get back to your ex: Others would want to get back to any old ex to get comfort. Every ex is your ex and not present. Sit back and allow the entire heat period to settle. Don’t affect your emotions with other problems that may come to affect your personal development.
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5. Get Support if the above did Not Work for you

Breakup is tough to handle alone and it may lead to several health complications. You may not be able to handle it alone especially if your relationship was so strong.

Contact other people to support you in dealing with it. You can get a marriage counsellor to help you get out of it if any of the points I raised earlier did not work for you.


Don’t let someone kill your dream because of a relationship. You don’t deserve that person who caused you pain. You are better and better things deserve better people to handle. Love will come again and stay forever with you.


If you’re hurt today, it doesn’t mean you will be hurt forever. Get yourself together and practice the things to do after a breakup I just highlighted in this article. Be strong to overcome it. It will pain you at the moment but sooner than later, you will get back on your feet to feel loved.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

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Can you share how you get over your breakup?

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