10 Things to Consider When You Love Someone

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when you love someone

What to Do When You Love Someone; 10 Things to Consider

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No one can describe love not even talk of the color or size of love. No one can also describe your nature of you when you love someone. We can only be guided by emotions, feelings, and the ecstasy of love in our hearts. Can you explain to people about loving someone?


Our discussions will be basically on the things to know when you are in love with someone. Before we indulge deep into today’s topic, we need to understand what brings love and what destroys love. There is a couple of things that bring about love and others that also destroy completely love.

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When you appreciate what someone does, you bring closer the love you expect from such a person. When there is love, he appreciates you more in everything you do. When one starts to accept the good things of the other, then love to follow with high speed.

The opposite scarce away love when one decides to always swallow gratitude. People may be scared to do you good if you don’t accept to appreciate them.


The attraction brings love to either men or females. When the pursuit of love interests reciprocates in all partners, then love starts to build. The opposite is a fact too.

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Doing good at all time

You may not know who may like or dislike you. Doing good without expectation of returns brings you closer to people’s love. I remember my days in high school when my tutor always says “do good because you do not know who is watching.” Never underestimate anyone because love has eyes to the heart of others, it can be you.

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Law of attraction

You may not get me right but the law of attraction works like magic. It brings about love when you visualize and believe. Just believe in the law of attraction. Take a moment and meditate on the person you need in your life. Tell yourself in the mirror, I love you. Someone out there who is the lucky person will soon be yours.

10 Things to Do to Keep Moving

After you have arrived safely at a point of love, you must know what to do when you are dearly attracted to someone. Let’s be kind to love each other perfectly.

1. Open Up Your Heart

when you love someone

Open up your heart to the person you love after getting attracted to him or her. When there is love, nothing is hidden from such a person. Kindness, faithfulness, and compassion are what you give to such a person. You have to shoot the moon and replace it with the sun for such a person.

Open up to him about what you feel is right and wrong. That person is the best you’ve got so let your hearts speak to each other. You must be happy always when together. Nothing g should separate you from him.

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2. You Make Rules

Try to make rules to keep your relationship. Setting rules in a relationship help to regulate your movement and designated time to spend together. Everyone is busy for survival, but the rules set will help you to understand each other.

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Don’t allow the rules to become a love monster. Understand each other if a certain situation occurs beyond control. You are setting your own rules but not the rules that are setting you up.

3. You Have To Be Real

You have to be real to whom you love. Let that person see you as a trusted person to share his or her secrets with at all times. You must be genuine to the person you love. Love kills trust so make sure you restrain from untruths to your partner.

Being real is telling someone exactly how it is no matter any challenge. They may not be time to explain yourself when something happens. Be real when you are really in love in your life.

4. Don’t Fake Yourself to Your Partner

Fake people lie and give excuses for their inefficiencies. So long as we want to be loved by someone and live happily, we must be careful of the lifestyle we all live. Never fake yourself to someone you truly love.

The risk of fake life is that you’ll lose self-integrity before your partner. Just live the life you can afford. Don’t borrow to impress someone. He/she will definitely know the truth one day. Be real and avoid doing things that will bring your relationship down.

 5. You’ll Do Crazy Things

when you love someone

If you can do crazy things for someone and feels like doing it for yourself, then your love is deep. Stand for your love if his/her enemies approach or plan to assassinate him/her. If you are in love, you do a thing that surprises everyone around you.

Crazy does not mean you are mad but determined to even die for your loved one. Can you live such a crazy life like this? Love like anyone cant love like you.

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6. You Feel For That Person

Approach every situation with compassion. Let your partner feel secure whenever you are around. When you claim to love your partner, you feel the pain they’re going through. Remember that, when there is a problem, it is against both of you but not both of you against each other.

7. You Sacrifice

You can sacrifice for your partner if it comes to a true relationship. Your partner’s problem is yours so you can decide to fight for him or her. Everybody can go through life challenges, so you can help one another.

If your partner runs out of funds, sacrifice the small you have in your account for all to spend. Never let luxury convince you than someone who can feel your problem if no one else does.

8. Give Your Partner Quality Gift

 I am mentioning quality here because it shows how you value the person you love. If you value someone, you don’t give him/her inferior gifts. If you love someone, you do your best to give him the best.

Focus on the person that you love and give him or her what he wants. Do your own research by asking them about things they love and buy them the quality of it.

9. Forgive them

We are not superhuman; we have our flaws one way or the other. We can make a mistake willingly or unwillingly. Try to forgive him/her when he feels remorse for the acts committed against you.

Forgiveness brightens our chances in life and grants us access to knowing more about people. Let love lead and forgive your partner if they go wrong.

10. Be their Confidant

Not all things are meant for public consumption, some should remain between you and your friend or partner only. Let us possess good hearts, to keep love secrets secret. You don’t have to be broadcasting people’s secrets to the whole world. Let them trust you with their words.

No one will ever love to walk with a slippery-mouthed person. You have to learn how to keep a secret if you truly love someone. The secret is the weapon of every warrior so let it remain between only you.


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