How to Make Money from WhatsApp in 2021: 10 Legit Ways

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how to make money from WhatsApp

How to Make Money from WhatsApp in 2021: 10 Legit Ways

How to make money from WhatsApp

Over the years, it has become a tool with which anyone anywhere can make money from WhatsApp without stress. Even without owning any business, product, or rendering a service, it is possible to make legitimate money from WhatsApp in 2021.


WhatsApp is the largest messaging app in Africa. Do you know we have over 4 billion people using social media in the world out of which 2 billion uses WhatsApp?

What does this tell you as an entrepreneur?

Do you know WhatsApp is the top three most downloaded android apps in the world?

Research has proven that ‘an average user opens the WhatsApp at least 23 times in a day.’

There are various ways to make money on WhatsApp. You can make some money on WhatsApp selling your own physical product e.g. bags and footwear’s, you can also make money from WhatsApp by selling your own digital product or that of others.

In this article, you will Discover 10 legit ways you can make money from WhatsApp.

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1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the easiest and most legit way you can make money from WhatsApp. Most social media influencers leverage Affiliate marketing to make money online.

As an entrepreneur looking for ways to make money online, leveraging affiliate marketing can be the best decision you can take to make money online especially on WhatsApp.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is recommending useful digital products to others and getting a commission on them anytime anyone purchases through your given link.

With affiliate marketing, anybody can make money online from home. Guess what?

WhatsApp makes it easier to make money with affiliate marketing. Simply leverage on your WhatsApp broadcast, WhatsApp status, and the groups you belong to.

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The goal is to find someone who has a digital product and volunteer to promote the Product. Sign an agreement with the product creator and get a commission anytime someone buys through your link. With this, you can effortlessly make money from WhatsApp.

To make money on WhatsApp with affiliate marketing, simply drive traffic to the product you want to promote.


If you know how to generate mad traffic to other people’s digital products, you’ll never be broke again. If you learn and master the skill to bring customers to businesses on-demand, you’ll never be broke in your life again. WhatsApp has made it very easy to Make Money with affiliate marketing.

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2. Create and sell your Ebook:

EBooks are great ways to generate passive income with WhatsApp.

If you’re looking for a legit way to make money on WhatsApp, consider creating your eBooks.

When creating an eBook that will make you money, you must focus on what people are already searching for.

One way to know what people are searching for is to go to related Facebook groups and check out what people are saying in the comment section. In comments, people ask questions, in comments people share their pain.

To create an ebook that will sell massively on WhatsApp go to a group and look out for what people are saying.

Another way to know what people are searching for is to ask questions. You can ask your audience what they’d like to learn from you. Ask them something like “I got an idea to write on this topic. Kindly let me know if it is something you’d like to read about.”

Another way is to do a survey. Create an online survey and ask your audience what they’ll like to learn from you. You can do this using

To make money on WhatsApp, create an eBook that solves a specific problem. Market it ruthlessly on WhatsApp and you’ll generate Money on demand.

3. Create and Sell Your Online Course

You can create an online course around just anything as long as it is needed and sell it on WhatsApp. Get people to sign up for it. Below, I’ll show you how to create an online course that will make money from WhatsApp.

Pick a niche:

You don’t want to create an online course that will address so many issues. It was Marie Forleo that said, “When you are talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.” Choose a niche to create an online course on. Create something people will admire and appreciate.

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Now, when it comes to creating an online course, one myth people usually have is “I’m not an expert on this subject to teach a course on it”. What you don’t know is there’s someone you know something more than. Truth is, you don’t have to necessarily teach what you have a degree in for you to make money on WhatsApp with Online Courses.

Even if you’re not a professional, you can organize free training to test run the course and see if it is something people are interested in.

Set your launch date:

One way to quickly create an online course and start selling WhatsApp to make money is by setting a Deadline. By a deadline, I mean to set up a launch date even though your course isn’t ready. Tell your audience about this beautiful idea you have and when you plan to launch it.

Setting your launch date and announcing it helps build momentum.

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 Tell your WhatsApp Audience about your Online Course:

While Creating your Online Course it is important to hype your audience and let them know something is cooking. Tell your WhatsApp Audience about this beautiful course you are creating.

Doing this helps Prepare the mind of your audience. You don’t catch them by surprise with your course. This is the best way to make money from WhatsApp – by Creating and selling Online courses.


After spending a few days or probably weeks working on your online course, it is time to launch it and make it available for sales. You can do this by setting up your sales page. And setting your price.

 4. Sell Physical Products:

make money from whatsapp

Aside from selling digital products, one great way you can make money from WhatsApp is to sell Physical Products. Examples of physical products you can sell and make money on WhatsApp include bags and footwear.

This works well if you do dropship. Dropshipping is all about getting those who need a product and finding a seller who sells that product.

Then, get the money from the buyer who needs the product and then buy it at a cheaper rate from the seller.

In drop shipping, you’re simply a connector, making things easier for the buyer and making profits.

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You can make money on WhatsApp selling Physical Products all you have to do is to upload pictures of the product on your WhatsApp status. Write a compelling copy for it and get people to buy it.

5. Rendering Services:

There’s something you’re very good at. Being it writing, graphics design or you know how to teach very well. You can render that as a service and lookout for people who need your services.

As a Copywriter, I’ve gotten clients to hire me on WhatsApp just to write compelling sales copy for their products.

What is that thing you know how to do?

You can make money with it from WhatsApp by rendering it as a service.

6. By Giving One on One Coaching:

As a coach or trainer, there are two ways you can make money from WhatsApp, one of which is to organize one-on-one coaching sessions.

This is a Premium way to make money from WhatsApp. You can give students your one-on-one coaching session for whatever you do.

7. Do Group Class/Coaching:

As a trainer, one way to make money from WhatsApp is to do Group Class/Coaching. Imagine getting 100 people to sign up for a $10 webinar. That’s a lot of money.

Your goal should be to get people. You do this by generating qualified leads. Now, you can generate qualified leads by Creating or giving out a free eBook for download.

8. Make Money from WhatsApp leveraging on WhatsApp TV:

make money from whatsapp

This is a great and indirect way to make money from WhatsApp. You can make money from WhatsApp by running ads on WhatsApp TVs with massive status Views.

WhatsApp Status is the home of most business owners. As a small business owner, you don’t just depend on your own audience to promote your products and services. Pay WhatsApp TVs to run Ads. This works well especially for generating new leads.

 9. You can make money from WhatsApp by teaching for free in different WhatsApp Groups:

As a trainer, I get invitations to speak in different groups to teach them about the importance of my skill and the reason they need to learn it.

After training in the free class you can then tell them about your paid offer and those interested will surely sign up. This is one great way I make money from WhatsApp.

10. You can make money from WhatsApp by posting strategically on your WhatsApp status:

Though you may wonder about this, this is one of the tools I used to make money.

In fact, we have some organizations who pay you just by posting their content on your status. My status has been one of the easiest ways to convert my audience to buy my product.

One way to do this is to always post valuable things on your status consistently. Once you give Value, and People trust you enough to deliver when you bring up an offer they will willingly oblige.

I’m Anago Felix,

Content Writer, Copywriter, and Online Business Consultant.

I help small business owners grow their business, and I also help them write copies that convert.

If you found this valuable, kindly leave a comment below.




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