7 Fastest Ways How to Make Him Chase You in a Relationship

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7 Fastest Ways How to Make Him Chase You in a Relationship

How to make him chase you in a relationship
Finding the right man in love

What can Make Him Chase you?

You have to set the pace for him to follow and hard for him to do away with you. Men like beautiful things but more valuable things are what they prefer. Let him see you as irresistible no matter the kind of ladies he sees. You can make him chase you when you personally know how to keep your life valuable.

How to love your man is different from how to make him chase you in a relationship. After helping others as a relationship coach for 6 years, I have now come to fully understand how men can turn back to love their women. One happy moment for every woman is to see her being chased by the man she loves.


Every woman is proud of having a good man to be her husband. But the simple way how to make him chase you in a relationship is to be truthful and realistic. I am going to be sincere on this, anything that works for me will equally work for you in your relationship. The truth is what I will tell you today to make him chase you in a relationship.

Here include some fastest proven ways how to make him chase you in a relationship for the rest of your life. Honestly, these techniques may not work on a high-quality man if you don’t apply it well. It can make you irresistible to him in your affairs.

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How To Make Him Chase You in a Relationship

1. Believe to have a prize

You have to believe that every good thing has a price. Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that you can be loved unconditionally? Now, let this work for you. Never underestimate your value.

Don’t be compromised by the fear of intimidation. This is one secret on how to make him chase you in a relationship. Do not overlook red flags in your relationship but point all those out as bad behaviors.

Remain true to your boundaries and enforce standards. You have to sometimes practice self-love. This helps you to measure how compatible he is with you and helps you know what you deserve.

2. Don’t Chase Him

Don't chase him
Make Him fall in love again

You love him; I truly understand you but never make that mistake to be chasing him to love you. Love is something you can’t predict, so ever chase him to get his attention.  Be serious with your personal activities that will keep you busy.

Don’t be the first to always chat with him in any form. Allow him to contact you either through text or call and you respond to his messages.  Be like a valuable scarce commodity that is attracted to increase the price due to high demand. You can only contact him with short messages at the time of emergence.

How to Make Him Chase You in a Relationship

3. Be Good in Appearance

Guys are always attracted by a thing that pleases their eye. Improve your appearance. Let him feel so proud to move out with you if called upon. Impress him with your kind of dress if only you want him to chase you.

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The dressing is one of the greatest ways how to make him chase you in a relationship journey. Go out in the nice dresses he never expected. Dress to attract his attention. You can sometimes appear in a romantic dressing. Your man is going to chase you like never before if you always appear nicely.

Don’t only think of clothing; also appear in a new hairstyle that people keep praising you on. You must appear in a new hairstyle to keep his eye on you. Think of what will add more value to your appearance and do exactly as expected. Don’t also forget about your skin appearance. Use good pomades that can enhance good skin color.

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4. Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart

Do not overdo anything to impress your man. Be genuine in everything you get to do. It serves as a good way how to make him chase you in a relationship. You truly love him and I know that but let destiny speaks.

Some men hate to see you doing things in an extra manner to impress them. Just be who you are and see the reality involved. Never fake yourself for a guy to chase you. Ignore the hearsay and move on to suit you.

5. Have More Fun with Friends

When a relationship breaks, one party is normally affected by the other. Be realistic and spend more time with friends. I have observed that many women focus on their relationships to the extent of forgetting their friends.  If you continue with such behavior, your guy will be feeling so big and might see you down.

Be friendly enough to have time spent with your friends no matter how tight your relationship is. be independent sometimes and not always chase him. Let him see you as someone who can do away with him.

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However, if you ignore them completely, you may not be able to approach them during times of difficulty. This is one simple way how to make him chase you in a relationship. Make sure you apportion your time well between your friends and your guy in order not to make him feel big or arrogant.

6. Don’t Beg Him for Love

Do not beg him for love

If things go wrong in a relationship, we amend and move on. There are some situations where certain situations are beyond control. As a woman wanting to know how to make him chase you in a relationship, never beg for his love. Begging will make him act fake especially if he wants to have an affair with you.

Keep your word and let the truth prevail. If you go wrong in the relationship, accept your faults by saying am sorry.  If he offends and still insists you are wrong, just ignore his words by not begging for love.

Do not look inferior before a guy. Let him know the value you have not through begging. I have had a couple of issues addressed with many young women. They end up begging their men even if the man is wrong. Let him also know his fault in a comprehensive way.

Don’t shout at your guy even if he is the one at fault. Be mature enough to settle issues with him so professionally. A woman of virtue understands how to hold his man and keep him safe during difficult situations.

7. Keep Your Words

Truth has no branches like a lie will. Just let your yes be yes and no be no. men hate ladies with different tongues; they say this today and another on other days. You should know men hate lies. Let me tell you how to make him chase you in a relationship you never imagined.

He may do investigations on everything you tell him. Make sure you hold your integrity with the truth. Truth breeds trust and success.  Let your words be on facts that you can do. Any promise you give should be delivered.


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