How To Show Respect to Your Husband (10 Useful Ways)

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How To Show Respect to Your Husband (10 Useful Ways)

Show Respect to Your Husband
How to respect your husband

Trust is basically based on respect between parties in a relationship. to succeed with your partner, and also expect to see him respecting you as well. There are several ways to show respect to your husband, and we are explaining them all here for you.

They say the respect is reciprocal, meaning it is a ‘give and take’ affair. Respect is very crucial in marriages, and it is a necessity to help one succeed in every successful relationship.


This article will guide you on how to show respect to your husband and have him accord you the same in return.

Respect displayed to your partner speaks a lot of good things about you. Respecting your husband is the best way of treating him with care. He will love you more and honor your request when the accorded respect is well established.

When you become life partners, the most important thing to remember is to respect each other. If you are still wondering how to show respect to your husband, then the best thing to do is to read this article entirely.

Why is it important to respect your husband?

There are many benefits associated with respect, especially when it comes to relationship issues. I asked some men why they expect respect from their wives, and these are some of their comments:

  • It Makes them love More: According to their response, they turn to love their partners more when they accord them respect.
  • They Give Without Doubts: As many men fail to show love by giving, they give more when they are respected.
  • It allows them to trust them and even do what they never expected.
  • Respect gives men the encouragement to do more things for the family. it helps them to gather happiness to do more and be afraid to fail.
  • Respect empowers men to feel that they are in control of the house and demonstrate leadership.
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1. Appreciate His Effort

Don’t destruct him on what he intends to do for you. any little things he does carry’s weight so give him the maximum respect.

Do what you can to support him. It shows him the courage with which you love him. Respect every little thing he does.

Importantly, never tell him that his effort is not enough. Encourage him when his morale is down. Making an effort in terms of what he does can help you get his attention and love.

2. Focus on what he does and help

Find ways to pray for him. Look at what he does well and help him achieve it. Tell him the good things he does for the family. As you wake up during the day, what do you expect him to do well? When you are learning how to show respect to your husband, be committed to him. Make sure you tell him what you appreciate about him.

3. Speak Good About him to other friends

Respect is not only about speaking softly and subordination, but speaking well about someone is classified as one. He will be happy to know that you speak well about him to his peers. In a way to show respect to your husband, let his friends know he is a good person.

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Some of his friends can intentionally ask about him with reference to some issues. Make sure they hear good information from you about him. You are there to make each other the best. Keep propagating goodness about your husband to make your relationship successful.

4. Write a Love Note to Him

There is nothing beautiful and heartfelt like seeing your partner writing messages of love to you. It speaks better than only love but more respect to both parties. My first partner is not easy to be forgotten because of the way she always writes good messages to me.

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She doesn’t wait for Valentine’s Day before showing her deep-felt love to me. Make it a habit, too by writing to your husband about what he means to your life. It is a great way to show respect to your husband without expressing it.   

5. Show Remorse when at fault        

Many people do not know that showing regret for actions taken is a kind of respect for men. Ask him to forgive you when you are at fault. Don’t be arrogant by allowing your ego to take over what you intend.

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As humans, we cannot be perfect due to our nature.  We all must accept our wrongdoings in order to correct our mistakes. Be bold and tell him you are sorry for what went wrong sometime.

6. Thank Him

Thank you for what he does for you with specifications. Don’t just say thank you; be clear about what he did well for you. You saw him moving out the trash, cleaning the dirt in the kitchen, laying the bed, or serving you dinner. Tell him that you are thankful.

7. Don’t Just Talk Anyhow

When you are provoked or tempted by something that may lead to using harsh words, make sure you keep your mouth shut. Silence is a sign of respect for men, and they love you more when that happens.

8. Be Watchful of your Nonverbal communication

Research clearly shows that nonverbal communication takes up to 93% of the usual communication. The body language including our tone shows the level of respect we have for each other.

Check your eye contact, posture when talking, and other gestures when you are with him. What do you do when he is talking to you? Do you look away as he tries to talk to you?

It may be difficult to get rid of, but try to show this kind of respect. It is important to check these things very well when talking to your husband.

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9. Compliment your husband

Tell him about the goodness or beauty of his dressings for work. Let him know that you can be there for him at any time. show kindness to him all the time. Complimenting takes several means, try and adopt the goods to use.

10. Ask about his concern when embarking on any projects

Men feel happy when their lady shows love by asking for their advice on what they intend to do. Asking for his advice shows how much you value him. If you are learning how to show respect to your husband, try to ask for his advice when in need.

Depending on where you are reading this from, I am an African and our culture may vary from yours. Africans have so many ways to show respect to their elders, which also cut across in terms of marriage.

Without saying a lot these are some of the words that show respect to the husband:

Thank you for your manhood character.

May I be of help to you my dear?

I am sorry if you feel offended

I will appreciate it if you could tell me my mistakes

May I serve you now or later?


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