Five Fantastic and Cost-effective ways to surprise your partner and get them glued to you for life!

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Written By: Ugonwanyi Ahaiwe (Esq)

Do you know any effective ways to surprise your partner? I do love surprises – Positive Surprises. It gets me feeling loved up, more so the girlish delight of coming home to a wonderful surprise is something I can never get enough of.

Surely, you have experienced what I’m talking about here. Imagine receiving a beautifully decorated box containing a fancy dinner dress! Or some other thoughtful gifts!

Yeah, right it’s a thrilling experience. Secondly, it does the trick of making you feel happy and cared for. However, I’m also all out for surprising my Partner. He’s such a sweet soul and deserves his flowers, literally and figuratively.

Every Partner loves some form of surprise from their significant other. From the little gestures to the magnificent surprises, all is appreciated. This is because it’s not the surprise that really counts but the thought behind it– that you actually care for her!

To love and be loved is one of the best feelings in life!

We all know that love is beautiful, and no one dispute to that fact. One of the greatest gifts a person can have is to be loved genuinely by the one, whom he/she feels the same for. You know romantic love is not bestowed on us at birth like the other type of love. You would have to intentionally find your romantic partner. This kinda love requires effort– you’ve got to put in the work.

So, if you have finally succeeded in finding one who’s in tandem with your healthy boundaries, in tune with you both sexually, mentally, physically, and otherwise, by Jove you are extremely lucky.

Not all are successful in finding this kinda love!

So imagine the Joy of my friend, Ola when she landed her dream man Jide.

Babe was literally over the moon. Jide was beside himself with joy– Ola is a Jewel, no brags.

Both of them have been victims of toxic Relationships, so imagine their joy when life gave them each other. Love really is beautiful!

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Ola blossom like never before, Jide was surely doing his duties like he was born for it, theirs was really magical.

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“Babe, Jide has been so good to me lately and I just want to do something special for him” Ola my friend excited gushed out to me over the phone.

“I go love o”, I mouthed to her, enjoying the girlish delight in her voice.

Are you like my friend, who needs ideas on ways to surprise your partner?

Or you just want to spice things up in your relationship? This one is very vital, we tend to get so comfortable with our relationship and forget the need to spice up things sometimes.

Are you on the viewpoint for the best procedures to making your partner smile? Worry no more we have compiled wonderful suggestions just for you.

And they’re Cost Effective as well.

We love!

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And we know too way the importance of adding the elements of fantastic gestures to your relationship.

Remember Succeessfulera is dedicated to ensuring you enjoy your relationship.

Here are five ways you can use to spice up your relationship in a positive way

Go on a date or take a vacation

You heard that right, go out and have fun!

If you have been lately preoccupied with work, leaving you with little or no time for your partner. You have to make it up to him or her once you get a break!

It’s understandable that you have to work but try to create a balance. You don’t neglect yourself while working, do you? Your significant other is yours self so don’t neglect him or her.

Make plans for a night out, either to her favorite restaurant or go watch a movie or some sightseeing. Remember the good old days when you both were getting to know each other and how much you enjoyed your night out, relive that experience.

If you are financially okay, you could plan a vacation, be it a weekend or more. You just have to take off time to be alone with your significant other and enjoy her company.

A Surprise Gift

Has your partner been trying to get a particular item? Or if you have seen that they need a particular item, try getting it for him or her and watch the wonderful reaction on her face.

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One of the effective ways to surprise your partner is to do your best in terms of gifting. It’s certainly going to be worth it. Secondly, the fact that she never asked and you were so observant to notice her need will gladden her heart that you really do care.

More so, He’s going to feel so fulfilled that he has a woman who not only assures him of her love but shows that love in gifts. Men love gifts too.


So if you have not formed the habit of gifting your man, start it today and tell us your experience. We will love to hear your story.

You will find out that your man will be exceptionally thrilled by your act of giving especially if that’s his love language. Even if it’s not, no man has ever been bitter about a thoughtful gift from a significant other.

Ola did get a gift for Jide!

Make them feel valued

The popular lyrics ” like the only girl in the world” explains the innate desire of most of our significant others. Do you want effective ways to surprise your partner? Do you make him or her feel valued? Or are they struggling to get your attention?  I know sometimes we tend to neglect the people in our lives unintentionally.

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You can only answer this yourself, no one can. So if you have not been giving the required attention your partner desires, how about you do just that for a change?

Cancel your schedules if you can, or make out time to be with him or her uninterrupted.

Log off from social media, put down your phone, and laptop, just concentrate on her, and let her regale in your affection. Shower with your attention.l

Listen intently to her, and find out what she’s been complaining about for a long to you that you hadn’t noticed due to lack of attention. We often take for granted that our significant others need us too. Not just the kids or other obligations, you need to make out time for your significant other.

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Do something for them that they can’t do for themselves, listen intently to their spoken and unspoken words, you will find the clues there.

Spice up your Intimate life

Intimacy is a significant aspect of a couple’s life that shouldn’t be neglected. Surprise them with a fantastic intimacy that’s way different from your regular routine. The greatest of all ways to surprise your partner is to put his happy mood.

What do I need by this, take your time to whet her appetite and set the tone for a nice time down there. You might begin the day by taking her shopping, to her favorite salon, have a body massage together, enjoy a romantic dinner then head down to the bedroom to cement the day.

You can wait for him in the room with hot lingerie, giving him the tease.

Let him find you irresistible!

If you have been married for a long and don’t really care so much for intimacy, you can consider lodging in a nice hotel just to spice things up. A different location away from your bedroom can do the magic. If he enjoys being given a head, no worries just do it.

Do what they like romantically even if you don’t love it. The goal is to get them happy and satisfied. A little compromise wouldn’t hurt. It is can make up great ways to surprise your partner.

Be adventurous

Make something special for them: It could be you baking an old-time favorite of theirs that they haven’t had in a long while. Or cooking a childhood favorite delicacy. Whichever one you choose to do, what matters is the kind thoughts behind the gesture. They will surely appreciate your efforts to sweep them off their feet. Surprise them with your hidden creative culinary skills.

Finally, there is no limit to Surprises, so find out the one for you and get to it immediately. We’re rooting for you and can’t wait to hear your stories. Write to us about how the surprise went down!

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