10 Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

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10 Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

10 Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

There is no denying that physical attraction is one of the main factors that bring two people together. However, many other traits can either enhance or hinder one’s attractiveness. While some of these traits are evident, others may be hidden and only revealed over time. Here are 10 things men find unattractive in women:



A negative attitude can quickly turn off a man. Complaining about everything, being overly critical, or constantly expressing your dissatisfaction with your life is unattractive. Men want to be around optimistic women who can lift their spirits and make them feel good about themselves.

When a woman becomes full of negativity, she eventually loses interest, no matter what he has invested in her. When you are learning about the things men find unattractive in women, don’t forget to look at the negative aspects. [Read: Simple ways to make him fall back in love]

2. Gossiping

While sharing stories and discussing current events is enjoyable, gossiping can be a major turnoff. Talking behind people’s backs or spreading rumors can make men question your trustworthiness and integrity.

No one will be happy to hear bad things said about them. Gossip breaks trust and faith in a relationship. As you learn about this topic, remember never to tolerate gossip since it pisses men off.

3. Insecurity in Relationship

Insecurity can be one of the most unattractive qualities in a woman. Constantly seeking reassurance or validation, overanalyzing every action or word, and being overly sensitive can make men feel uncomfortable and exhausted.

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You don’t need to be causing tension and unnecessary confusion in your marital home. Men will always want to have peace of mind after a hard day’s work.

4. Being High Maintenance

While it is essential to take care of yourself, being too demanding or requiring too much attention can be overwhelming. Men do not want to be with someone who needs constant pampering, attention, or material possessions.

You must examine your own life and do your best to provide for him. Being highly demanding and showing a high level of maintenance can make you unattractive.

5. Being Disrespectful

Respect is earned when you give to others. Let him see that you value him, and trust me, he will also show you more. [ Read: Signs he will never marry you even if you beg ]

Disrespectful behavior towards others, whether it is towards waiters, customer service representatives, or even friends and family, can be a red flag for men.

Any cloth will look good on women if only it fits their shape. Men find it awful when a woman wears a cloth or shirt that does not match her shape.

As  a woman, you will have to choose cloth carefully to match the program or occasion you are attending,


Men want to be with women who are respectful and treat others kindly. While expecting to know the things men find unattractive in women, build strong respect to avoid that.

6. Lying In Relationship

Constant lies kill trust in a relationship. When a woman consistently tells the truth, men find her unattractive.

Honesty is crucial in any relationship, and men find it unattractive when women lie. Even when it is hard, being truthful shows that you have integrity and can be trusted.

Truth builds trust and honesty. If a woman wants to be attractive, then call a spade a spade. Let him build confidence and trust in you because of your truth.

7. Arrogance Lifestyle

While confidence can be attractive, arrogance is not. Men do not want to be with someone who thinks they are better than everyone else and constantly brags about their accomplishments.

Confidence is different from pride. Pride leads to arrogance and indicates that you see yourself as better than others.

Any woman who is arrogant or proud will not receive the necessary attention from any serious man. As a woman, you are more attractive to men when you are humble. Humility is not an indication of foolishness, but it comes with respect and love.

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While it is normal to want to spend time with the person you like, being too clingy can be a major turnoff. Men want to be with someone who is independent and has their own life.

9. Lack of Ambition

Men are attracted to women who have goals and ambitions. Someone content with just getting by or having no direction in life can be unattractive.

Trying to know the things men find unattractive in women? Be ambitious and let your goals guide you to succeed.

10. Lack of self-care

Taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally, is crucial to attracting and keeping a man’s attention. Neglecting your physical appearance or mental health can be unattractive.

In conclusion, while physical attraction is crucial, it is not the only factor that makes a woman attractive to men. Traits like positivity, respect, honesty, and independence are just as crucial in building a healthy and lasting relationship. Remember that being yourself, and being confident in who you are is the most attractive quality any woman can possess.

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