Is He a Player? 7 Telltale Signs He Is A Player to Watch For

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Signs he is a player

Is He a Player? 7 Telltale Signs He Is A Player to Watch For

Signs he is a player
His attitude will tell you whether he is a player or not

Hey there, lovely girls! Let’s discuss something many of us have experienced at least once in our dating lives: signs he is a player. Do you know that cute guy, who looks too handsome to be true and yet manages to break people’s hearts one after another? Sure, that’s where we’ve all been. How can you determine if he is a player? Here are seven warning indicators to be aware of a guy who is just a shoot-and-run type.

1. That Guy Will be Too Smooth for His Good

Telltale Signs He Is A Player to Watch For
Telltale Signs He Is A Player to Watch For

Have you ever met a guy who’s so smooth that he could charm the pants off with just words? Yep, that’s a classic sign he is a player.

Such guys know all the sweet words to say and make you fall for them, but know that they usually rehearse them before coming out of their room.

They plan with all their efforts to melt ladies’ hearts with words of love and compliments. Instead of speaking from the heart, these guys sound like they are reading from a script.

What you can do right away is to trust your gut instincts—if something feels off, it’s probably sending you a signal.

2. Signs He is a Player: All Talk and No Action

Actions they say speak louder than words if you get me right? That said, a player may speak a big game, and promise heaven on earth but rarely deliver on it. He won’t be there when it becomes serious, even though he will talk about the future and make big promises. Avoid falling for platitudes; seek out someone who walks the talk.

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When a guy begins a conversation with luxurious promises, charms of beautiful words, and behaving like a saint, you must be careful. They’re known for their words and will hardly get you what you want.

3. A Player is Known for his Serial Flirt

Another signs he is a player is how he flirts with other people. What do you feel when you move out with him for dinner or a party? You should be extremely concerned when he begins making out with other women.

Another thing to study about a player is how he approaches everyone he comes into contact with shameless flirting because he feeds on attention and validation from various sources. It’s an indication that he’s not ready to commit to just one person, but to have several ladies with little love but lust.

4. He’s Mysterious… in a Suspicious Way

A hint of mystery here and there can be fascinating, but too much mystery can be downright unsettling. He’s probably hiding something if he’s evasive about his background, his plans, or even his location while he’s not with you. A player will keep you in the dark to protect his freedom since he doesn’t want to be accountable or tied down.

5. He acts as the Master of Mixed Signals

Other things to look for as signs he is a player are the way he acts towards you. He can have a mysterious attitude towards you. Such a person can show you love and affection one minute, but then he may withdraw and seem aloof.

Have you seen such behaviors? Yes, that is a quintessential player trait. His unpredictable behavior will keep you on your toes and leave you feeling confused and unsettled. Time is best spent elsewhere, not on indecisive individuals.

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 6. He’s Constantly Searching

Even when he is ostensibly in a relationship with you, does it seem like he’s constantly searching for the next big thing? Indeed, that indicates that he is a liar and can never be trusted in the relationship.

He never truly commits to anyone or anything since he’s always looking over his shoulder for fresh challenges and potential ladies to play his tricks on.

If, while he’s still with you, he’s already setting up his next victim, don’t be shocked.

7. He’s a Master Manipulator

Last but not least, another sign of a player is how he manipulates things to favor himself. Because that seems to be his work, he  

acts fast and works fast without you knowing. He will get away with things you never would have suspected with charm, humor, and mouthwatering words.

Don’t let yourself be manipulated—know your worth and walk away from anyone who tries to mess with your head.

An expert manipulator can make you believe things you never would have imagined. He will cheat and he will end up blaming you.

So there you have it, ladies. It’s time to reconsider whether the guy you’re dating is worthy of your time and effort if you notice any of these signs in him. Never forget that you deserve a partner who is sincere, courteous, and dedicated to developing a real relationship with you. It is important to hold high standards for yourself and not settle for anything less than what you deserve. It is also important to be vigilant and avoid being deceived by others who may try to take advantage of you.

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So, knowing the signs he is a player, you now have to walk the talk by handling him carefully. Not all the signs we shared here may also mean that he is a player, but majority of guys with these traits are into games.

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