Joe Biden’s Twitter Account Is Suddenly Increasing after the Elections

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Joe Biden's Twitter

Joe Biden’s Twitter Account Is Suddenly Increasing after the Elections

Joe Biden's Twitter Account
Joe Biden’s Twitter Account followers increased

The successful era has been monitoring the news in the United States of America concerning the elections which took place successfully on November 3rd, 2020, and Joe Biden’s Twitter account. We have also been monitoring to see the outcome of this election which has been confirmed to favor Joe Biden. And eventually, he has emerged the winner for the 2020 elections which makes him the 46th president of the United States of America.

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We also monitored his Twitter account since voting begun; the followers are doubling given 4.6 million followers in less than 12 hours. This is an indication that power can affect our daily lives. It is apparently true that power is transient and can shift anywhere, anyhow at any time.


The huge jump of Joe Biden’s Twitter followers is a result of the success in the just-ended elections. He is perhaps accepted by the majority of the Americans due to a win from 75 million citizens. As of 9th November 2020, his Twitter account suddenly jumped to 17.5 million followers against 15 million followers as of 8th November 2020.

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Successful era projects that; Joe Biden’s Twitter account may hit 50 million followers in just one week due to the excitement from so many followers. Donald Trump’s Twitter account has 88.9 million followers as of 9th November 2020. We keep our focus and will continue monitoring the surge of the account followers of these great leaders of the world.

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Does it matter?

Joe Biden's Twitter follower doubled
Joe Biden’s Twitter follower doubled

Yes, this shows how people love Joe Biden and the reason he was elected to lead the American people. He has won the heart of many world leaders who are congratulating him on the great achievement he has chalked at this election. Many people are also praising him for the gender balance by appointing Kamala Harris as the vice president.

This shows how women can have a positive effect on elections. Joe Biden’s Twitter account number of followers shows that many people all over the world love him and his vice. Joe Biden after being elected president of the United States of America has changed his Twitter account bio from Democrat who runs for president to the 46th President of the United States of America.

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He has defeated Donald Trump who is recognized as one of the brave and strong leaders of the world. The power of votes changes the destiny of a powerful leader to become former president and part of the one-term president to ever rule the United States of America.

We did not only look at Joe Biden’s Twitter account but also monitored the vice president-elect Kamala Harris who also now has 10.4million followers. We shall update our readers as the days go by.

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