Know Some of Onion benefits for lungs

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Onion benefits for lungs

Know Some of the Onion benefits for lungs

Onion benefits for lungs

Onions are packed with food nutrients that are basically good for your health. It is full of several vitamins and nutrients that offer the human body enough health support. Our discussion today is going to be onion benefits for lungs that many aren’t aware of.


How can onion offer benefits for the lungs?

1. Presence of Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements

Onions offer several benefits to your lungs due to the presence of medicinal components it has. It contains medicinal values that have been used throughout history for the treatment of several sicknesses. What many are not aware of with onion is that it can help improve the health of our lungs if used in our diets.
Researchers discovered that onion contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that help eliminate cholesterol and enhance healthy blood pressure. It helps the functioning of one’s heart and the cardiac system which directly or indirectly give support to the lungs as well as the respiratory system. Also, read 8 weight loss strategies that work effectively.
What to remember here is that the heart and the lungs work together in the pumping of oxygenated blood to the tissues, organs, and cells within our body. It helps in preparing your body for survival.

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2. Presence of anthocyanins

Onions are packed with anthocyanins good for heart diseases, diabetes, and some kind of cancers. Consuming onions helps boost your blood systems to prevent certain diseases that affect the effective functioning of your heart and the lungs as well.

3. Onions Contain Vitamin C

Onions benefits for lungs due to the presence of vitamin C which important antioxidants component. It helps the immune system by creating white blood cells that naturally fight infections. Remember, if your diet is shorting vitamin c it means your body will have a weak immune system which may lead to sickness.
Having fewer blood cells makes your body vulnerable to certain life challenges. It cannot help your immune system to fight viruses or bacteria as a result of lover blood cells.

4. Onions help in lowering bad Cholesterol

Studies have shown that onion can lower the level of bad cholesterol. Consuming onion daily helps improve your lungs’ health and also helps raise your HDL cholesterol by 30%. Drinking a cup of onion juice every day helps to improve your blood circulation. It may not be pleasant to many people by the presence of the antioxidant component make it easy to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Read the worst breakfast foods that increase cholesterol.

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