Simple Ways on How to Use Onion Powder

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How to Use Onion Powder

Simple Ways on How to Use Onion Powder

How to Use Onion Powder

Do you know how to use onion powder as a substitute for fresh onions? Let’s take our time and discuss how we can use onion powder for cooking.  Many complain of heartburn when they use onion in their food. The alternative to using if you are not comfortable with fresh onion is onion powder. It serves a good purpose but to my own research, it may lose certain nutritional values due to its processing as compared to fresh onions. Do you know that you can turn fresh onions into powdered onions by yourself? Our next episode will share with you.


With the use of onion powder, you have the benefits of no peeling, no eye-watering, no chopping, etc. Use it where you need fresh onions to serve an equal purpose for your food. It is an incredible food supplement that eases your cooking in the kitchen. You can sprinkle it into your soup, stew, salad dressings, vegetable stew, or any diet that requires onion in it. It gives you the best taste in food as you might equally use fresh onion to do. It saves time in preparing food.

Also know some of the benefits of onion to the lungs.

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Now let us get deep into how to use onion powder in preparing your foods.

  • You can use onion powder to prepare any food as an alternative to fresh onion. It is good to know that one tablespoon of onion powder is equal to half a cup of slide onions. Don’t think about how difficult it may be in its usage. Just sprinkle it on the food that you cooking. Because you already know the time to use fresh onion so apply the same period or method. After you sprinkle it on the surface of your dish, make sure you stir for it to mix well.
  • When you are using it to steam your meat make sure you stir it to mix it very well. Soup and stew are indeed a perfect match for this product.
  • You can choose to add onion powder to food at the later part of the cooking for at least 15 minutes to a final state. Preferably, use a spoon to fetch then pour it from its container or sachet.
  • Stir it for it to mix well. Love it as it gives you the best choice.

How to turn fresh onions into onions powder

Get the required number of onions you want to turn into powder. Peel them nicely and wash them. You will need a kitchen knife to slice it into smaller sizes. After you’ve been able to get all your required materials including your onion, slide them nicely into your bowl.

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Make sure you cut the onions into smaller sizes. If you prefer to use a blender in slicing them then press a little bit in order not to blend it totally. Do that until you have the sizes that you prefer to use.

Transfer all the slides of the onion into a dehydrator for it to dry nicely. Leave it inside your dehydrator for at least 6 hours and check it out. You can equally use your oven to do it but make sure it is at the lowest settings. You may also sundry it to get it dried nicely.

After you’ve gotten it dried, pour it into your blender again. Blend it to get your final onion powder for every food you want to prepare.

What are the health benefits of using Onion?

I discussed with you the ways how to use onion powder, we are now going to understand the health benefits of eating or using onions.

1. Control Sugar Level

Consuming onions helps you to keep your blood sugar level under control. Onions contain natural oil called allyl propyl disulfide. This oil in the onions helps you balance your blood sugar level.

2. Removes Dark Skin Spots

The more you consume onion the more your health improves. Onion help removes dark skin spots in the skin. Alternatively, you can mix onion juice with an equal amount of apple cider vinegar on the dark spots on your skin.

You can choose to apply it twice daily and the dark spot will vanish in no time. Onion and vinegar help balance the PH of the skin.

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3. Detoxification

Onion has plenty of amino acids that help to detoxify the body against any environmental exposure. It acts as a magnet for your body against any harmful environmental problems.

4. Onion may help prevent cancer

Are you aware that one of the most cancers among men is prostate cancer? It is killing many men at an adult age. Studies have shown that regular consumption of onions may help reduce the incidence of such cancer. Among women, it helps reduce the incidence of breast cancer if they consume onions a lot.


This article elaborated on ways how to use onion powder, how to turn fresh onions into onion powder, and the health benefits of using onion. There are many more benefits of using onion which wasn’t captured in this article. Read more about onions to know why you should use them in your diet.



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