Make a Man Addicted To You: 10 Proven Ways

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Make a Man Addicted To You

Make a Man Addicted To You: 10 Proven Ways

get a man addicted to you

Do not worry anymore about how to make a man addicted to you if you just started dating or marriage. I will get you all the dos that can make him glued to your love always without turning you down.

I need nothing from you but absolute attention to read and decode all our strategies to become yours forever. There are so many ways to make a man chase you in love and the same applies to making him love you all the time without any love spell.

The strategies go beyond giving him all the intimate satisfaction all the time. Women have the natural ability to make men stay with them in love but yours is to use that natural magnet ordained in you.

It is always a moment of joy for every woman to see her partner putting her on top of his priority list. Yes, you can get that attention with the strategies we are going to reveal to you today.

Now, what is the strategy to make a man addicted to you? Just have confidence, compliments him, outstanding communication, good listening, and the other key factors explained in the content.

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1. Outstanding Communication

Communication plays a vital role in every relationship no matter the duration of the relationship. Develop the habit of good communication with your partner. Do not always expect him to do the talking especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.

Be a team player than a spectator. Give him back-to-back forms of communication. He will turn to miss you when he doesn’t hear from you. It is not about phone calls only. You can text him a message to know how he is faring.

If you discover glitches in your communication, sit him down and solve any form of impediment causing it. Yeah. I have seen many good relationships fail because they took it lightly when their communication was broken.

Men like to be cherished and also want to have someone who thinks about them. Must be a solution to your relationship, not a problem.

Understand his mood and turn to discuss what will favor the two of you. Without communication count your relationship as a sick one and can die any day.

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2. Have A Standard to Make a Man Addicted to You

 Set a standard for yourself that will make it difficult for every woman to meet even if you are not there. Men want to see some great features to push them to love you always.

You must have some exceptional character that is not easy to find. Practice good hygiene, care and show love no matter the circumstances at hand.

Have a purpose in life as a woman. You don’t have to leave everything to your man. It pisses men off when a woman forgets to add something to their life. Be objective and find something to do that will tell the man you are not in for his money.

You will be happy in your relationship if you set up a standard for yourself. Don’t lose off guard on a guy. When desperation set in, you will lose focus. Know what you want and stand by your principles.

Also, don’t tolerate nonsense because some guys bully when they realized you not having such standards. Voice out things that concern you with boldness and don’t succumb to certain things that oppose your standards.

3. Be Supportive of your Guy

If you want him to keep loving you more, then you have to show that you are his number one fun. When he is depressed, you must be there to give him emotional support. You man will be happy when you are there to support him in his dreams and aspirations.

Be proud to support him with his ideas. This will ginger him to keep thinking of you. Men like women with ambitions and support. Be that person who can stand by him when all turn against him.

Don be that type of woman who is only ready to pinpoint the flaws of others. Be a problem solver for him. No matter how life goes there will be bad days in one’s life. This is when you clearly tell him that you are there for him. Be the woman men try to get as a partner.

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Showing support and care will help make a man addicted to you. Support is not only about finance, but it should be all from your effort to keep his happiness intact.

4. Be an Independent Person

To be loved and make a man addicted to you then must be an independent woman. Don’t be so glued to your partner all the time. Let him know you are on your own and can do so many things without him.

Men don’t like women who stacked to them like glue. Get doing something that can show you have something doing. They want a lady who spends time working on her career not dwelling on man’s fortunes.

5. Be Honest and Faithful

Due to economic pressure and hardships, only a few ladies understand the word faithful. I am happy you are part of those few ladies who show care and faithfulness to their guy no matter economic pressure.

When you stand by him with honesty and faith, he will stand for you all day. When he is economically challenged, stand by him and don’t leave him for another guy. Not all glitters are gold so beware of what decision you take.

He will become addicted to your love when he understands how you loved him during difficult periods. Keeping that person for the future will always be happy for you.

6. Show Him What He Wants

You understand what I mean right? Let him cruise with you in your queen canoe. To a man is addicted to you, then let him enjoy with you in terms of lovemaking. Show him your soft side.

In a relationship, let no one go hungry for what is theirs. Keep making each other happy with caution. He will spend on you and allow you to feel his kindness. Open up for him in due time and he will keep thinking about you in your absence.

Let him be the man he always wants to be. In marriage, we have a role to play on both sides. You have the responsibility to keep each other happy.

7. Have Fun with Each Other

Don’t keep the old trend thinking you will have happiness. Take a day to have fun even if you are home. You can play romantic games, play at home and even cook together.

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Love is about fun and happiness. The little things we ignore are what spike up the love we never know. Create a scene to have fun with him in the house. Keep your happiness outside your bedroom sometimes.

8. Check Your Appearance Well

What I discovered from many women after marriage is their dressings. Some turn to ignore the kind of dress that won their man’s heart. Never be part of those people. Try and have a brand even if you are home.

Dress appropriately both at home and outside. It will keep him thinking about the type of woman you are and what you do. Do not let marriage or relationships change your brand.

9. Get Time for Your Man

Attention is one of the major keys to making a man addicted to you. When you are dating or married, make sure you get enough time for your man.

They are attracted to women who have enough time for the as well. Do you want to get a committed boyfriend or husband? Then your commitment to keeping his happiness will help you win.

You can do this with good communication and love. Communication plays a great role in a relationship so never play with it. Ask about him through any medium.

10. Don’t Force Him to Love You

Play your part in the relationship and let the rest also come from him. Keeping good communication, showing him your soft side, supporting him, and doing everything right for your man will make him love you more.  

Situations may never be the same, don’t allow any flaws to drive his love away. Be dynamic and see how he will fall in love always. Not everything is meant for the public, surprise him with things you love.

Never force him to love you. The heart desires what it wants so keep being who you are. These and others will make a man addicted to you all day.

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