10 Qualities of a Good Man to Expect As a Husband

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10 Qualities of a Good Man to Expect As a Husband

Qualities of a good man

No one is perfect but we have some qualities of a good man that makes him qualify for the adjective “good”. How do you know someone deserves to be called good in life? You only have to look at the attitude, kindness, knowledge, and the way the person cares about others

My definition of good may be different from yours but if you take your time to read my article may be on the same page as mine. Before you enter into any relationship, make sure you count on some of these qualities from the man. Undoubtedly, a good man portrays good habits that are emulated by many around him. Take a look at some of the qualities of a good man I referred.


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1. A Goodman must be Knowledgeable

 This means that a man has traits to consistently correlated ideas that are well-informed. When a man has a wide range of problems solving through viewing things from experiences is what many may be a good man.

Being knowledgeable about something that others find difficult to understand or interpret. And it’s proven to be one of the qualities of a good man may need to have for a relationship.

Having basic concepts of how a relationship works are equally considered being knowledgeable.  The good book from the Christian field bible even speaks of acquiring knowledge as a duty of man in a relationship.

I quote from the Bible 1st peter 3:7

Husbands, likewise dwell with them, understanding, giving honor to the weaker vessels the wife as being theirs together of the grace of life that your prayers may not be hindered. How then does a man dwell with the wife with understanding and heirs together unless the man has knowledge concerning the weaker vessel? The knowledge we say is power and good traits a good man should possess.

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2. A good man must have self-perception

Self-perception is one of the key components of behavior needed from a good man in a relationship. Self-perception is the image one portrays about himself which includes, physical, mental, emotional, and social attributes. Clear e.g. How u see yourself in a mirror is a sure way of how your self-perception is. Self-perception is one of the tools when not understood creates misunderstandings in a relationship.

E.g. having an argument with your partner about how he keeps late I’m responding to your text or messages. Once both understand yourselves, you work things out through your partners with issues such as this.

3. A Goodman must be smart

I see one as smart when one is a problem solver. When one is correct and knowledgeable about the subject Smartness is one of the qualities of a good man that everyone looks up to in a relationship.

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A strong and committed relationship requires these traits “smartness from the man. When the intelligence level between partners are of a wide gap, it becomes unequal and thus creates problems and misunderstanding in communication.

The smarter the man, the good of the relationship. Smartness creates a long-term relationship as one is able to predict and foresee the future

Note: Woman these days needs a bright man too. Being intelligent as a good man in a relationship is important for stimulating conversations. And it makes you ride over situations that break up bonds of relationships.

4. Qualities of a good man: He should be Assertive

When one speaks the truth and is honest about problems in his best of interest by expressing emotional feelings for self is what is termed as being assertive.

A good relationship has to be assertive. The man should be able to stand up for himself and his partner. Being able to outline his needs and desires honestly and straight is one main factor of successful traits of a Goodman in relationship. 


Talking openly about issues with your partner and sharing ideas together as a man. When both know what you want, and how you want it and respect each other helps grow a relationship.

When honesty and truth take the lead, success becomes the result of every union. An assertive man hardly breaks promise but rather fulfills what he promise and do not promise if he knows he cannot deliver.

5. A good man should be a forthright person

A Goodman should be a forthright person that is, being able to present or show clear concern for how one thinks. When a man is straight and direct, coupled with honesty he is forthright.

As a lady trying to settle down with a man of your heart, these are some of the qualities you can take a look at and possibly work alongside other traits.

6. A good man should be honest.

Honesty is an integral part of a relationship that is built on trust. Being honest with your partner as a good man facilitates strong and good communication which helps a functioning relationship.

A relationship stands when partners trust each other and open up even when there is conflict resolution. Honesty from a man saves the relationship and gives the woman hope for confiding in you.

Note: You won’t go all out, at least the little information needed which intends to affect the relationship.

7. A Goodman should be able to love

Opening up and sharing mutual feelings by both partners is love. Love is a two-way affair. love is kind, love grows together, and love is respect. A sentiment one has which aren’t characterized by words is one of the importance in a relationship that a Goodman must possess as qualities. A committed relationship is basically dealt with Love.

8. A Goodman should be dedicated

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When a man is dedicated he shows or makes known to you at the initial and early stage of the dating period what he is interested in and what he wants in the future .worry not if expectations are negative, for it’s easy to spot that phobic. A man might not be ready to make plans ahead. Such people, have records of short-term relationships.

9. A good man should be someone who accepts mistakes

A good man should be optimistic in himself and accepts flaws instead of apportioning blame to people. Narcissists or not, it’s always of great benefit to enjoy a relationship with a man who is able to man up.

Accepting mistakes doesn’t make you weak but rather shows how loyal you are in terms of issues. No one can be better than God, so we all accept making little mistakes. One of the qualities of a good man is to say sorry for any offense against a partner in a relationship.

10. He Should Have the Traits of a Good Communicator

As you start to date and have fun with your guy, there will be situations when you may decide not to talk about issues. If you have a guy with narcissistic traits, you will see a lot of poor communication coupled with lies.

However, you can be of great joy if your partner listens to you, communicate well with you, does not dismiss your opinion, and makes effort to speak the truth. The qualities of a good man many are yelling for is what you have at hand. Keep a good man and you will have complete joy in your relationship.


I’m Mercy, your relationship coach at successfulera.com. Keep your questions coming and let’s help solve the problems that cause breakups in our relationships together.

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