How to Know If He Loves You Based on these 12 Signs

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How to Know If He Loves You?

Just look how he approaches your need when you demand from him. You can know he loves you when your problems are his problems.


You can love someone with a clean heart but in turn,  that person hates you to the maximum. Your partner may be following a certain reason which is quite different from real love.

We have certain men who are known as pretenders of love. They can pretend for years without you knowing they have no love for you. This piece of write-up will reveal how to know if he loves you.

1. He Will Treats You with Respect

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A guy who loves you will treat you with 100% respect without expecting any returns. Respect is one of the requirements for a healthy relationship.

Most people usually take it for granted and later meeting the consequences. The person who loves you will respect you as a person including the choices you live and your ideas.

Knowing if he loves you is to study how he accord respect to you and expect same from you.

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2. He Will Listen To You

I’ve learned from this part of relationship counseling that men are always accused of not listening effectively to their ladies.

It goes to explain that, they easily forget any occasion if they’re not reminded of it.  A man who cares for you will always listen and remember all the little things you mention.

How to know he loves you is that, check whether he will not do his best to take all the details you mention to him.

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3. He Will Considers Your Advice

Most men turn to ignore the advice their spouse gives to them especially if you’re providing information. Some of them avoid your advice if you always point out their mistakes.

If you identify that he is eager to solve his problem alone without considering your advice, and then be alert.

Knowing if he loves you is to consider his ability to accept your advice and see you as a partner in life.

4. He Gets Time for You

Time is one resource I consider to be costly. If you missed a particular time, you won’t be able to get it back. How to know if he loves you cannot be without his priority in terms of time for you.

He will commit his precious time to you if he truly loves you. We all seem busy during the day as long as we fight for our daily bread. He will spend part of his time with you since you’re his priority.

5. He Calls you Often

Your relationship may be a long-distance relationship that needs more communication to effectively keeps it active.

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Your loved partner will not wait for you to call him but will often call you to find out how things are going. How to know if he loves you is to study his kind of communication with you.

6. He Will Fight For You

Fighting for you means sometimes also fights with you. He stands by you in times of difficulties. He supports you to go out of hard times.

This doesn’t mean picking a physical fight with you or from people. A man in love with you accepts your problems as his own and forges on to get a reliable solution.

7. He Will Gets Jealous

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It may come as a surprise at times, yet it is one of the most common human emotions. If someone thinks he is about to lose someone he cares for, he definitely becomes jealous.

If your partner is envious of you, it suggests he cares deeply about you and doesn’t want to lose you. How to know if love you is to study her level of jealousy when you are with different men out there.

He will try to always be closer to you when with other guys on conversation occasions.

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8. He Loves You Even On Your Odd Days

No matter the shirt you wear or the looks of the day, he makes sure that you have his love. We sometimes have bad days and feel rejected by society but a man who loves you will act opposite to you.

For him, it is not your physical looks but your internal beauty is what he cherishes. He loves your personality and shows you love to forget your bad memories.

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9. He Will Not Pressure You to Do What You Don’t Want To Do

There are so many relationships where the man is pressuring the woman to do what they want.  In this type of relationship, the man uses anger and manipulation to get the woman to do what he wants.

That isn’t a sign of a man who genuinely cares about you. A man who loves you will never put you in an unpleasant situation.

10. He Apologizes for his mistakes

A man who loves you will accept his mistakes and make you understand he is wrong. He will apologize politely and promised not to repeat.

Mistakes happen and we must all accept our faults and build strong integrity. The man who loves you will make it easy for you to tell him his wrongs.

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11. He Leaves Everything and Attends To You When You Need Him

He will not complain or feel bad when you need him. He stops all tasks and makes you his great priority.

How to know if he loves you is to check his response or attitude if you need him urgently.

12. He Supports you

Support is important in relationship sustainability. The man who loves you will want to provide for you.

The word provides here goes beyond finance. Is all about doing for you and making sure you’re good. Such a man wants to make sure you have what you need.

Questions to ask If He loves you

Ask him the reason why he love you.

  • Do you think am the best lady to marry?
  • What makes me the best woman for you as a wife?
  • I don’t like shouting on me, can you maintain that?
  • I am rude can you handle me?
  • I love flirting are you ready?
  • What will make me the best?

What are the Signs He truly loves you?

He will stand for you all the time without getting tired.

He will not cheat on you even if you fight.

He will provide your needs even if you are not aware.

He will not wait for you to ask before he do the best for you.

He will see you as the best among the rest.

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