8 Obvious Signs She is Dating Her Boss But hiding from you

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Obvious Signs She is Dating Her Boss But hiding from you

signs she is dating her boss
She Shares her intimate life with her boss

You are wondering about the current communication between your girlfriend and her boss. We are giving you some of the signs she is dating her boss and hiding from you.

Many female ladies date their bosses but pretend to be clean and do nothing. You have to look keenly at her actions and inactions when you are in a relationship.


1. She Often Calls and Text Messages to Her Boss

When you often see her on phone calls with her boss for long hours. Receiving text messages or chatting with him at odd hours of the day. It could be some signs she is dating her boss but wouldn’t want to disclose to you. To get his attention as a sign of her dating him, she might be asking personal questions, etc. 

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Do you always see her always deleting the messages after the chat? She may have a sensational conversation that will last for hours.  Keep an eye on her to see more attitudes she portrays towards him.

Have you been able to read her messages or chat before? It shouldn’t be confidential to you if you are a genuine boyfriend as compared to other people.

2. She Always Dresses to Seduce

She dress to seduce her boss and date him

When you begin to see a lady feeling unworried with the kind of dress she wore to work, then it sends a red flag of the form of relationship. She won’t even listen to you if she is told to change.

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Always wanting to appear classy and stylish. Sometimes in a revealing outfit. Nice hairdo, for ladies with a bit of make-up, etc. Always wants to be neat and on point just to catch his attention.

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This could be one of the signals of you dating her boss. Have you complained and she refused? Have second taught about her being your girlfriend.

3. Giving Out Present Intermittently to Her Boss

Sending her boss unique gifts from time to time. Gifts like, shirts, shoes, etc. leaving him with encouraging notes when things seem unwell, are all signs she is dating her boss.

You cannot always conclude she is dating him until you are able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt to her.


Patient wins when you find yourself in such a situation. You have to do your investigation to see if she will hide any notes in the gifts. It can be the same love message she gives to you when you met. Take a picture of it to prove as evidence at the right time.

4. Treating Him Differently Than Other People

When you treat your boss differently as compared to other workers in the workplace. Giving him a preferential treat like giving him too much attention, and compliments, when she fancy being around him are all signs she is dating her boss.

What does she do when she receives calls from him? Does she leave you in the midst of some important discussion for him? Check the time period and how it even ends. She will not tell you immediately but it may hinder your emotional health.

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5. She Always Trave with Her Boss to Unknown Places

As soon as you see her traveling without telling you where they are going, then remember something is happening. She travels during the weekends from Accra to Kumasi and then to Takoradi with all expenses paid by him.

Her boss becomes the right-hand pal who travels with her always. You see them from one town to the other, hotel to hotel.

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She will even tell you that they got a business deal and spent days together in different hotel rooms as they travel. Where is the evidence they don’t flirt?

6. She Has Issues with Her Boss’s Wife

When we cry from a headache why should the crab also complain? She started complaining about her boss’s wife and her attitude to you. This tells you she is interested to take that position as the wife.

She also complains about the boss’s wife attacking her to stay away from her husband.


Let her find another job to be so it can help you get a secure relationship. You may not be able to compete with the boss since she might be richer than you.

7. Rumors from Coworkers Can Be True

Not all the colleague workers will be happy with her attitude towards your relationship. Some will boldly tell you all what t see and hears. You may take them seriously or ignore them. When you hear about something, do your checks.

Some of her coworkers may be good to tell you certain perceptions and happenings about her. However, be careful some people may intentionally lie to tarnish her image.

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8. She Is Always Sitting Close to Her Boss

When you love someone, it’s obvious u want to physically get close to him and touch him in a non-threatening way. When you do that with your boss than any of the workers in the workplace then these are signs she is dating her boss.

When you learn about him or put your face closer to him while talking to him .when you play major roles in his projects, etc. are all subtly and more explicit ways of you dating your boss.


She may show different signs aside from what we just mentioned. I will advise you to sit her down and have a talk to know the truth and solve the issue at hand. It won’t be easy to know the truth but a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage if you have heard it before.

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If you can’t, kindly walk out to be free now than suffer later. We all experience broken hearts but the extent is what makes it a challenge. Don’t also conclude when you see any of the signs is dating her boss, it may be a normal friendship without any intimate relationship.

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