The Powerful 5Cs Of Positive Youth Development (Lisa’s framework)

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Presented by Sesinyi Tebello

Positive Youth Development C’s

During a hard time surely we need the 1976 Youth. I am very proud of them, they are my heroes and today I am a proud African Child working towards positive youth development. If it was not because of them I doubt we could have the best world-changing recognized youth we have today who may also work on positive youth development projects. It came to my realization that those adolescents might have used the five Cs I shall expound below;

1. Competence

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Competence, experience, flexibility
Competence, experience, and flexibility

Competence simply means “I am capable” and it is described as the ability to act effectively in school, in social institutions, and at work.

I had these questions after reading the history of the Day of African Child:

Would the youth of that time have excellence in their academics or career if they swallowed their words with blood?

Would there be doctors and professors we have today? Because it is through education, importantly the formal education that unlocks our minds and heightens our creative intelligence.

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2. Confidence

self confidence, self-confidence, power

Confidence is explained as a sense of self-worth and mastery: having a belief in one’s capacity to succeed. It says to you that you are worthy. The 1976 Youth realized their value and they stood up for their rights and called the anti-apartheid movement. It states clearly how courageous one can forge ahead to claim his worth in society through positive youth development.

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3. Connection

social media, personal, social networks
Connections and networking

The connection is a feeling of safety, structure, and belonging- positive bonds with others and social institutions (schools, churches, recreational facilities et cetera). In a common phrase is; you matter to others. You relate to them in one way or the other. Now that we share the ecosystem, we should also benefit from the same resources and opportunities-all of us regardless of our color or tribe.

The root of Apartheid did not have a chance to grow any further. So some question may arise: would they have good social skills or harmonious relationship with their community members or the environment if they allowed themselves to be kept in a psychological prison? How were they going to help one another? would they feel safe?

4. Character

watercolor, portrait, character
Character and emotions


Character is mentioned as taking responsibility: a sense of independence and individuality; connection to principles and values. It is interpreted as being in control.  We should know that ‘us’ youth, we are capable, we are our rescue besides, and we are independent.

The last C is caring- we are all human beings and ‘we heart’ and we relate to each other.  According to my understanding.

5. Caring

love, connection, relationship
Caring and love

Caring is stated as sympathy and empathy for others; commitment to social justice. On top and above, social justice is one of the human rights but the apartheid was against it. The heartless Afrikaners did not empathize or sympathize with the Black African people.  They did not care.

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The youth stage is one of the fundamental stages of development where our plasticity is heightened, this is the period in which we are mentally and physically healthy-so we should use this era beneficiary. We must become transformation agents and create suitable situations for everyone and the next generation.

 At the youth stage, we should use powerful reflection tools; reflect on what is out of control, develop ourselves, be aware of our innate strengths, and use them lawfully.

We should adopt responsible decision-making skills moreover, we should be permeable, and what do I mean? I say we should be ready, open to new ideas and skills while maintaining good relationship skills.

My last words to the Basotho youth; my dear fellows, we are powerful, let us unite to build the nation that we want, the conducive environment.  I am very terrified by the barbaric actions which are happening in our country, I am so much petrified by the alarming corruption within our continent, I am even more fossilized discovering that the huge portion of our treasures is possessed by non-Basotho people: banks, natural resources (diamond), businesses to point a few.

I urge you, we need to change our old beliefs, there is no ‘ba ha majooa ke batho’ not at our youth and when were still live.  We can do something. We can restore everything.




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