We Decided Not to Have Children Again but He Doesn’t Want to Use

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We Decided Not to Have Children Again but He Doesn’t Want

We Decided Not to Have Children Again but He Doesn’t Want to Use Protection

We have been married for nine years now with three kids—one beautiful girl and two handsome boys. We decided not to have children again as the economic situation keeps worsening.

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Things never went well again with me and the entire family after my third childbirth, which eroded all our gains away due to ill health. My husband is a chainsaw operator and I also support him with my little efforts as a pupil teacher.

After the third child’s delivery, I had a lot of health implications, but I cannot work again as a teacher. All burdens were now thrown to my husband, from child care to family needs. He called me one Sunday afternoon for a conversation because I could not take it any longer.

“Adjoa, I want us to make plans for our lives and the lives of the kids, he said. What do you think? “Due to your health, I would be happy if you could delay having children.”

I agreed to his demand. However, he asked me not to use family planning, and he also refused to use any form of contraception to protect me from getting to carry a seed again. Our only alternative left was to adopt and remove, which is also the least intimate.

Last week, he decided to have a family affair with me, and he wasn’t interested in the usual process since he refused to be protective. In the process of making each other happy, he was about to cum, so I took a wooden decoration near my bed to stop him from getting the point of the process.

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Unfortunately, he fell unconscious, and I was so scared of him dying that I called a neighbor to help me send him to the hospital. I did that because we decided not to have children after our third child’s birth. He is now hospitalized, and I am told to leave the house before he returns.

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This situation keeps hunting me because both of us decided not to have children again, but he intended to get me to carry seed again. I am now confused about whether he may divorce me after his return from the hospital.

I think that love is all about understanding, mutuality, vision, and trust. After several years of meeting Kofi, I am full of excitement due to his excellent performance in his role as a man. As he attempts to divorce me, he believes it is appropriate to have every woman. I need help pleading for him to forgive me since it wasn’t intentional.

I need ideas on how to go about it right away. I am getting emotionally hurt and psychologically traumatized now.

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