I Want to Propose to My Ex Again But Am Scared

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I want to propose to my ex

I Want to Propose to My Ex Again But Am Scared

It is not easy to propose to my ex again after a year of being apart for no reason. Moses and Miriam had a wonderful relationship.

It’s true what they say about love being blind. These lovely partners were deeply in love, and little will be expected when it comes to a breakup situation.


In the middle of the love journey, Miriam called for a breakup since she Wasn’t interested anymore.

According to an investigation, Moses found out that his partner had been convinced by a medical doctor, who even bought her an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

This made Miriam dump her trusted lover, who has been with her for a year. It continues by stating that people are drawn to live by some desire.

Along the way, she had a problem that resulted in a breakdown. After a while, Miriam had the desire to propose to Moses again but was scared.

To Miriam, it’s not easy dealing with the post-breakup and the relationship that existed between them at some point in the past, especially when this sentiment is still present.

Divergence doesn’t imply that love fades overnight, and these are the exact sentiments that have led you to me today.

Broken up with the aim of rekindling the beloved’s affection and not letting go of the memories they both disseminated together.

Learning to propose back to Moses whiles sacred has these simple steps to follow.

I am willing to propose to my ex again whiles scared of being turned down.

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To Miriam, being together with Moses for months or years makes it not easy to understand this tension at the idea of getting back to her.

Your ex hasn’t changed to anything better yet the ease with which you communicated in the past has the propensity to vanish.

The breakup may have created tension, bitterness, etc., which may have damaged the affinity that was once adorable, making the last memories you shared with your ex negative.

In my relationship, I was lacking self-confidence which led to the breakup. I use to cry when I remember how were living happily as partners.

Lacking self-confidence which leads to a breakup, proposing to get back to your ex needs a step at a time not rushing things Miriam advised.

Being scared of proposing to your ex and getting back you have to decide not to go through suffering because of the breakup.

The best thing to do is to raise your head high and approach the person you want to be with.

Getting in touch with a new strategy can help everyone get back what seems to have been lost forever.

Getting your ex back again by proposing, never hesitate else it will mean you have nothing good to offer.

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It’s always important to take a step back and put things into standpoint so you can figure out what exactly needs to change, and what the issue or problems in the relationship were.

An excellent way of getting back to your ex again is to write a handwritten letter to propose a solution without writing about your sentiments. Above all, having a new positive mindset and irreproachable mood.

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Now Miriam wants her ex back and is still creating a net of discomfort to get him into the love net.

“It is difficult, and I want to propose to my ex again for him to forgive and forget what happened,” said Miriam.

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She wishes she could relive the beautiful moment that was vaporized into the tin air after the breakup.

Tips: If you still feel that your ex has the same zeal for getting back to you, draft a love proposal and tell him your wish or desires.

In the proposal, the letter writes, “I am not rushing for us to come back right away, I want you to give me one more chance to show more love to you.”

When I was younger and wanted to propose to my ex, I asked a close friend to approach him for a conversation, and everything went smoothly.


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