10 Best Jobs for Single Moms in 2023

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Best Jobs for Single Moms in 2023

10 Best Jobs for Single Moms in 2023

With personal experience, I have done my research about the best jobs for single moms that can help everyone. In other opinions too, these are the jobs that can be a boost to financial freedom. Here are 10 potential career options that may be well-matched for single mothers to take advantage of:

1. Registered Nurse:

A career in nursing gives job stability, malleable hours, and great reward. Single mothers can pursue a nursing degree online or through a local college or university.


Recently, we get 1000s of ladies going into this profession because of what it can offer and pay back as a salary. This profession gives more flexibility to everyone, especially single moms.

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With this profession, you can be part of either direct classes physically or online.

2. Graphic Designer jobs for single moms:

Graphic design is a multipurpose profession that gives everyone the opportunity to work freelance or full-time, home-based or office based. When you are equipped with the right skills and training, you can twitch your own design business or work for a company.

Design business sells well, especially when you know the right tools to use. You can get clients from Facebook Twitter, WhatsApp, stayplain, or any other social media platform.

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Do you know anything about Fiverr? You can equally sell your work there for the best. It is included as some of the best jobs for singles due to its flexibility in doing.

3. Writer Job:

Freelance writing is a great option for single mothers who have a passion for writing and equally help in the home business. You can write for blogs, magazines, and websites or create content for social media platforms, NGOs, or any other researchers.

As a writer, you can do without any constraints in regard to your childbirth. You can be in your house and write as much as you can to make money. I equally write for payment as a freelancer.

4. Virtual Assistant:

Are you looking for the best jobs for single moms in 2023? You can start a virtual assistant job available online. As a virtual assistant, you can work from home and provide administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients. This job offers flexible hours and the ability to work for multiple clients.

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It is easy to be part of a single mom if you are struggling to get a reliable job. Be your own boss becoming a virtual assistant to make money. These jobs can be learned online and on other platforms.

5. Teacher:

When you acquire a teaching degree, you can be a full-time or substitute teacher in a school or teach online for daily bread. Teaching offers better rewards and benefits and is a great option for single parents who enjoy working with children.

As a teacher, you are not restricted much like in other professions. You can be a teacher by getting to the college or using online platforms. Distance education is equally made available for you to participate in.

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6. Accountant:

Accounting is a profession that offers flexibility and can be practiced by a single mother. With a degree or qualifications in it, you can work for a company or any institution, start your own business, or work as a freelance accountant.

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When you become an expert in this field, many companies will be rushing to have you work for them. As you are searching for the best jobs for single moms take advantage of this profession.

7. Web Developer:

Many companies, NGOs, or religious organizations hire web developers to support them in building websites. Web development is a profitable field that can be done remotely.

With the right skills and training, you can start your own web development business or work for a company. You need to know the basics of just going to other platforms to learn it. Pay some small fee to be taught or jump to YouTube to learn over there for free.

8. Social Media Manager:

As a social media manager, you have the privilege to work from home and manage social media accounts for businesses or individuals. This job offers flexibility and the ability to work for multiple clients.

You can manage these jobs from any place you find yourself with more flexibility. As you have an interest in job search, try to look around to become a social media manager.

9. Event Planner:

Event planning is one of the creative and exciting professions that can help you manage and make enough for your family. With the right training and experience, you can begin a job as an event planner or work for a company.

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10. Marketing Specialists:

Marketing is a broad field that offers many opportunities and is classified as the best job for single moms. You can work as a marketing specialist at every company, start your own marketing business, or work freelance. With the opportunity in marketing, almost all companies will be happy with your services.

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