Signs He Will Never Marry You (10 Signs to Observe)

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Signs he will never marry you

Signs He Will Never Marry You (10 Signs to Observe)

Signs he will never marry you
Check his attitudes and response about marriage

It is an exciting moment for every woman in a long-term relationship to see the green light toward marriage. Not all men in long-term relationships can be trusted with marriage. We have gathered some 10 signs he will never marry you as a woman no matter the duration you’ve been together in the relationship.

Before you get there thinking of marriage, there should be some qualities of a good man in him as you wish to dedicate your entire life to marriage. Don’t just jump into marrying someone who will end up bullying you after you have given birth to him.


There should be some ways to get your man happy and get him hooked to think that marrying you is the best choice he has to make in life.

How long does it take a man to think of marrying you as a wife?

Men have several things they look up to before they fully think of marriage. That one is different and based on individual differences. Others always ask, “When is he getting married to me?”, How long will you think of marrying me?

There is no exact date to point hands that he will marry you. Some marry a woman they met just in a month while others take more than years before settling down as couples.

In a normal situation, a man’s decision to marry a woman need not be made years in advance. A few months of dating can help a man decide the necessary steps for settling fully with a woman he meets.

You may have a different situation, but experience and the research available indicate that it does not take many years for a man to make the decision to get married to a lady he is dating.

He should be able to make his decision according to his own will without considering the duration of the relationship. Many suggest that in month six, the couple should be able to determine whether to settle down with you or not.

Signs he will never marry you in the relationship.

Our focus is to tell you the hard truth and the meaningful reasons not to worry about your precious life with someone who will waste your time.

This is not to panic when you have been with your guy for more than six months in your relationship. The question to ask is: Will he marry you after all these days?

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1. He Has No plans for marriage

A man who is ready for marriage puts in place a plan for the final settlement. He discusses with you how he expects your relationship to proceed.

His focus should be on how both of you can work based on your schedules to get together. But in the case of this man, his vision is tilted in different directions. He despises inquiries about engagement and marriage.

When he is constantly in denial about his plans for marriage, these are clear signs he will never marry you if you continue to be in a relationship.

2. He has never made any Effort in the relationship

Any serious relationship necessitates effort to progress to a better stage than the one currently in place. When a man is interested in getting married to you, he makes an effort to advance the relationship. [ Read More: Reasons why he blocked and Unblocked you after the breakup]

For instance, you see him making efforts to acquire certain things that were not there when you began with the aim of your relationship. This should tell you he is interested in marrying you.

On the contrary, he is doing the other things that indicate stagnation in your life. Such a man will never take you anywhere in your relationship journey.

3. He Keeps Pushing the Idea of Marriage Further

Some men will have no time to talk about marriage when you mention it to them. That’s one of the signs he will never marry you.

He sometimes just mention marriage issue to you just to make you feel comfortable for him to have his desires. The truth that many will fail to tell you is that he is not ready to marry you.

Why will a serious man keep pushing the marriage date to the future with plans toward it? He is just playing mind games to keep you for other purposes.

When the right choice of a woman comes, he will move on and leave you.

4. He Fails to Introduce you to His Family

Do you see him hiding you from his family? Then be smart to know his intentions. There is an Akan proverb that, “you marry your husband’s family but not the man.” It is to remind you that the man belongs to the family.

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Immediately any man refuses to show the identity of his woman to the family, then he’s not ready to settle. Either with that woman or any other woman yet. [Read: Signs you are in a forced relationship ]

Any guy who is serious to have a future with you will make sure you know his family members and probably introduce you to them.

Do you know his brothers or sisters? If your answer is no then you have to think twice. The sign in the relationship is not looking good. If he is always avoiding you from seeing his family then it is one of the signs he will never marry you.

5. He doesn’t add you to his future plans

He has nothing to do with you when it comes to planning. There has never been a day he called to plan anything with you. The truth is that the future looks bad concerning your relationship. We have to tell you the hard truth.

If he is really caring and thinking about you, he wouldn’t ignore you when it comes to making important decisions about your future.

6. He Never Celebrates with you During Your Birthday

Men have different ways of showing love, and one of them is during the birthday of their loved ones. This is the time they make the partner feel so special from being on earth.

With little effort and time they get, they bring out their heart to show love for their partner to feel happy. They can buy gifts to surprise their women and even take them out if possible.

What do you see about your man? He doesn’t even wish you a happy birthday? He loves you for a certain reason but not to marry you.

7. He Feels Uncomfortable when you mention Marriage

He finds it difficult to discuss with you anything concerning marriage. He easily becomes uncomfortable and gets irritated when you raise that topic. If you see such reactions, then he is not ready. And also to tell you that he will never be prepared.

He feels unsafe when you constantly ask him about marriage. The best to do is that cut off such conversation because he is not ready. I wouldn’t advise you to end the relationship but you are wasting your time. He is not ready for you.

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8. You Are Seen As Optional

Such men see you as an optional lady and will always want to have you when they desire. He will only want you when he has a desire for intimacy. If you are seen as optional, then show the signs he will never marry you. [ Read: 12 Things Happy Couples Do in Their Relationship ]

9. He Makes Excuses

If you are wondering why he gives excuses on the reason for not getting married, the truth is that he is not ready for you.

It doesn’t matter how much he makes, he will continue to give you excuses about marriage. If you continue to see his continues resistance and excuses, you have to think twice.

10. You have stayed together but have no sign of proposing

Other signs he will never marry you get to do with the duration he has lived with you. How long have you been together? You always ask yourself, when will he ever propose to me?

If you have been together for long years and yet do not see the action of his proposal, then he is not ready to marry you.

F&A Questions

Will he ever marry me or am I wasting my time?

  • If he has been with you for years without taking action, then you are probably wasting your time. Just observe his actions and how he reacts to your question on marriage. Any awkward response gives you signs he will never marry you any day.

Why won’t he marry me after 5 years?

  • Perhaps he has things holding him that prevent him from settling down with you. You have to both respect your timeline and give enough time for it to happen. If he is not ready, you will have to take a tough decision about the relationship.

Why he married her but not me?

  • There are a couple of reasons why many men choose to marry a woman over other. If he married another woman over you, then you are not compatible. He married the other woman because he sees no future with you when you get married.

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