9 Undeniable Signs When a Man Desires You

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When a man desires you

 9 Undeniable Signs When a Man Desires You

when a man desires you

There is no single day without the mention of love; others say it is a desire while others say it is an emotional attraction. When a man desires you due to love, the approach and signs differ in so many ways.


The most difficult thing to know is trying to know the true feelings of someone towards you or another person. Have you ever felt fully attracted by someone (a man) before?

Anyway, you can sometimes feel attracted to someone who may not also have that affection for you. It is normal to feel attracted to someone and the person also has fewer feelings for you. Our preferences differ in certain situations.

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You have to understand something here; no one can control the emotional reactions of the other. Even you cannot personally control your emotional reaction towards what it calls or rejects.

The truth about falling in love is not something we determine personally, it is just like having an appetite for a particular food or thirst for water.

No one ever chooses to be hungry, it just happens,s and the stronger it gets the high demand you get for food. The same applies to when a man desires you in love, he will do all it takes to approach you.

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Here include the undeniable signs when a man desires you in love even if you are not aware he loves you.

1. He Is Always There For You

when a man desires you

You are surprised, right? Some men will always be available for you all the time when you sometimes don’t expect it. Yes, that’s the love desire. He is always available for you in solving critical life-challenging situations.

He fits into your boyfriend’s position to do all the little things you never thought of. When you are leaving your current apartment for another, this person will do all to support you to safely relocate.

He will do all these to make you happy until you realize his real feelings towards you in terms of love and affection. When a man desires you, he won’t be asked to perform a task before he does, he enjoys doing it without anyone asking for his help.

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2. He Comes To You with Attractive Looks

Someone you love shouldn’t look wretched; the same applies to when a man desires you. He approaches you with a powerful look that any lady will want to see.

He will never underrate you towards his outfit. He appears gorgeously dressed to impress you and also signal you his intention. That’s the desire for something valuable.

He in person sees you as approaching a highly dignified personality in society. You will see him wondering if he is dressed for an occasion just to know he is coming to you.

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3. He Intends Sending You Love Music

Henry David Thoreau said, “in a world of peace and love, music would be the universal language”.

Music nourishes the heart of people and increases the pleasure to fall in love. When a man desires you in love, he will always surprise you with love songs to tune your mind towards his intentions.

All of us sometimes express our feelings through music. Let me ask you this simple question, has your guy been sending you music?

4. He Buys You Gift

He will always surprise you with gifts when he truly has love desires. A man with the vision to have a sustainable relationship that will extend to marriage see the gift as one of his core responsibilities.

When it happens like that, you need to be thankful since many women like you are not getting many love responsibilities. I know of people who never received a single gift from their partner since they initiated the relationship.

5. He is Jealous of You

when a man desires you

Jealousy is one of the signs to determine when a man desires in you. He feels bad to see you with a different guy even if you’re not dating or in a relationship. Don’t be anxious to see him acting oppositely when he asks you about the people you are moving with or talking to.

He is not just a man but truly he loves you without telling you. He may be waiting to tell you but expect you to understand from his actions. Feel normal when such things happen to you as he is demonstrating his inner feelings.

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6. He follows you on all your Social Media

It takes less than a day for him to follow you on all your social media handles right after your first date. How long have you met him?

Go through your phone or your followers to see whether he did that or not. He will immediately join you on your social media to know you more. That’s when a man desires you in love or relationship.

7. He Appreciates You More

There is a saying that not all persons are thankful for the good done for them. Many will never appreciate the good thing you do to them and may never thank you for your work done.

A nobleman with the desire in you will be thankful for every small thing you do. He will not wait for you to ask him before he thank you.

8. He Always Stirs at More Often

He keeps looking at you without your notice. I hope you know how it feels when someone stirs at you keenly?

It doesn’t matter if you are in a midst of the crowd, you will still have that feeling someone somewhere is watching you.

9. He Knows What You Like and Not

A guy who is willing to surpass all men to be the first to take you to the utter will always remember everything you tell him. He will go to the length of remembering everything you tell him and makes him the best man before you.

When a man desires you in love, he will make sure all the good things you like will be amazingly done for you to remain his own.

He will remember the places you always dream of going to and make sure you have been there through him.  the color you love most, the food you like, and the things you hate to hear or do.


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