9 Signs that you’ve Met Your Soul mate

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I love him more than that

9 Signs that you’ve Met Your Soulmate

your soulmate

Even if you are always surrounded by your friends, even if your colleagues hold an important place in your life, he or she is always there, present in your heart, in your mind.


It’s simple; he or she is always with you, everywhere, wherever you go, whatever you do.

We can then say that you have met your soul mate.

The person who knows how to take on the role of a friend, best friend, big brother, a parent when necessary.

When you thought those soul mate stories were just good for fueling the movies with rose water, look, life has just put someone uncommon in your path; a person who seems destined never to come out of your existence again.

When you are with this person, some things cannot be explained, it is as if you had found your “double”, the other “you”, as if you have always known each other.

Have you found a famous soul mate?

Here are 9 signs that can guide you to find him or her:


your soulmate

Impossible to say why, impossible to justify yourself, but you can feel it inside you: he/she is necessarily THE right person.

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There is a saying “when you know, you know” and it rings wonderfully right in your ears.

A little voice in your mind, a feeling of almost immediate recognition or wholeness, a deep conviction.

You can’t really put it in words but you know it’s the right person this time around. This is a sure sign you’ve met your soulmate.

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It’s not just a simple sexual attraction between you but the current seems to go by itself. You just need to hold his hand, talk to you, and you are dragged into a whirlwind.

He/she captivates you, always fascinates you. You seem to like almost everything about him or her.

We often talk about the vibe…

If you can undoubtedly feel the “vibe” it is a good sign you’ve met your soulmate.


Even if you don’t always have the same opinion, even if you don’t always agree with each other, you continue to look together towards the same verge.

Whatever happens, despite your possible differences, your goals and ambitions are the same and they align so well that you will do everything possible to make it happen.

By looking together in the same direction, you highlight common qualities and values.

I can assure you then that you’ve met your soulmate

SIGN #4: 1 x 1 = 1 

your soulmate

Soul mates have this feeling of wholeness; it is as if, despite your differences, you are one unique human being.

You recognize yourself in your partner; you are a whole that nothing and no one can break.

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If you can form that “miscible mixture” you’ve met your soulmate then.


For no apparent reason, you manage to communicate easily with your soul mate, you can reveal your nature, be true and sincere without fear of being judged.

There is something familiar about the other person that makes you immediately feel comfortable in their company. You’ve met your soulmate I can say.

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It is obvious as you are together, you feel safe, you are sure that you will never leave each other.  This feeling of calm strengthens your relationship and strengthens it day after day.

No matter what may be going on in your life, you know you have someone by your side to help you move forward together and to overcome everything.

A mutual trust that reassures.


At the same time, since there is no judgment between you since you have confidence in your partner, your communication is completely free.

You feel – and you know for sure – that you have talked about everything: whatever the subject, even those that can make you nervous, sad, or happy, you can talk about absolutely everything; you’ve probably met your soulmate.

The more you talk with your partner, the more you learn from him or her and about yourself, the richer your relationship becomes.


The romantic relationship is not always a smooth river, there are often compromises to be made.

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But when a difficulty appears, when a challenge arises in your existence, your soulmate responds to support you, to guide you, and communicate with you in order to make you evolve, and also to surpass you.

With him or her, the challenges are more easily overcome, you feel like you can do it together. Chances are you’ve met your soulmate.


your soulmate

Despite the distance, despite the passing of time, you are still in love with each other. You’ve met your soulmate

It often happens that two people who met in high school or college have lost sight of each other because of a move, a distant job, or even just because they had broken up.  Suddenly, years later, they meet again and nothing has changed, the feelings are the same, the flame is still strong.

To recognize your soul mate, keep an open mind and heart because you never know when your soul mate will come into your life!

Keep in mind that there’s bound to be someone for you.  Likewise, you are the right person for someone.

But don’t try to find it at all costs.  Live your life, be happy, and let life do it.  Everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait and it is true. Be a happy person, a confident one, a fulfilled person, an independent and balanced.

Do not idealize the image of your soul mate.

Certainly, that ideal person for you exists and you will meet her sooner or later.  On the other hand, don’t think too much about it and don’t obsess over it at the risk of setting high expectations and being disappointed.

You might miss him or her because of it …

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