10 Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Wives

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Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Wives

10 Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Wives

Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Wives

No.8 Is Unbelievable


By Love Djamessi 4th September 2021

“You’re a bitch” Valeria yelled. “How could you, Franck how could you?”


“Am I no more appealing to you”?

Where did I go wrong?


Why? Franck how? What?


All were Valeria’s questions in less than minutes.


To whom? To Franck but probably to herself as well.

She has just discovered that her lovely husband of five years has been cheating on her.

 But why do men cheat?

Research shows that 30 to 40% of men cheated on their partners in the USA and a 2017 study found that 57% of males 54% admitted to committing infidelity in one or more of their relationships.

[National Opinion Research Centre’s General Social Survey].

In Africa, the situation is worst as 30 to 60% of Ghanaian men confessed to having at least once cheated on their partners in a recent survey conducted by Africa Facts Zone, a report that even declared Ghanaian men as the most faithful in West Africa.

What are the contributing factors to infidelity among men? After reading this article, you will know all the reasons why men cheat on their married wives.

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Let’s look at 10 possible reasons why men cheat.

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1. Because Of the Sexual Routine

Even if he loves his partner, the sexual routine can lead a man to look elsewhere.  A way to satisfy his desires and revive his libido in search of novelty and stimulation.

Without necessarily falling in love with another, he may cheat just to feel the intensity again and spice up his life. Lust or sexual desire is one of the reasons why men cheat on their partners.

2. For a One Night Stand

At a party, one intense sex drive may be enough to make him crack, especially if alcohol is involved with its disinhibiting effects is also reasons men cheat on their sex partners.

At this moment, he drops his principles just to satisfy this drive, even if it means bitterly regretting it afterward. I hope you’ve seen the reason why men cheat easily on their wives?

3. Out Of Cowardice

When a man does not dare to leave his partner, for financial reasons or out of sheer cowardice, cheating on her regularly gives him a way out and makes the situation more livable in his eyes.

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4. To Test New Things

We don’t necessarily have the same sexual fantasies as a couple.  Some people commit infidelity out of frustration, and in order to be able to try new sexual experiences: sodomy or other sexual practices that their partner is not ready to accept.

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5. Because Of a Strong Attraction 

Even being very much in love with his partner, a man can fall, without wanting to or understanding it, under the spell of another woman.

The one who corresponds to his fantasies, who never leaves his ideas, and who attracts them in an unexplained way.

Strong attraction is major reasons men cheat on their wives or relationship partners. Most men follow their gaze and whatever appears in their sight to be attractive. They hardly control their sexual emotions.

6. To Feel Wanted Again 

In a long relationship, the couple can be absorbed in the day-to-day and let go.  Compliments, signs of love, and thoughtful touches may become rarer, which can cause a man to look elsewhere for the appreciation and admiration of another woman.

Adultery can therefore be explained by the need to feel wanted and important again.

reasons why men cheat

7. For Fear Of Commitment

Yes, a man can also cheat on his partner because he is afraid!  Intimacy and commitment deeply distress some men.  Their infidelity is a way to keep a certain distance from their partner.

If they have some unresolved past wounds, it can also be a way to subconsciously sabotage this relationship and thus avoid the risk of suffering themselves.

8. Because He Doesn’t See Where the Problem Is 

Some men clearly make a difference between love and sex.  They are sure that they love their partner deeply and do not view sleeping with another just for sex as cheating.

Because this is just a carnal act meaningless from their point of view, they do not consider themselves to have been unfaithful.

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9. To Break Up

Men cheat for fear of confronting the other and leaving her, some men use infidelity.  A quick way to break up without having to take responsibility is another factor.

Your man may decide to cheat on the angle of seeking a breakup. I have personally seen many men cheat on their partners for that purpose. Henceforth, let know one tell you reasons why men cheat on their faithful lovers.

10. For a Revenge 

Do you know that some of the reasons men cheat are for revenge? He can also cheat out of revenge, in response to his partner’s infidelity.  This is one way of making her suffer in turn … but it is far from being constructive.

Men differ in character and cultural differences, some reasons why men cheat in a particular place may also not be the reason why men cheat in another area.

No reason can tangibly explain cheating. Therefore whatever the issue is in your relationship, let’s opt for communication to overcome it and if there’s a need for separation, it should be on a mutual respect basis.


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