10 Things Women Do When They Truly Loves You

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10 Things Women Do When They Truly Love You

Things women do when they truly love you

” Chaley, why I am now confused? She is a nice girl, she does those things I like, she is very good; just that I don’t want to make any mistake. What are the things women do when they truly love you?


“I want to be sure that she truly loves me,” my friend said.

He has been with her girlfriend Suzzy for about two years now and he is contemplating the ultimate: marriage.

But like any other guy he wants to be sure she truly loves him. Human beings can pretend, can’t they?

Marry a woman who loves you and not a woman you love, they say.

How do I know and be sure she truly loves me?

Watch out for these 10 things a woman will do if she truly loves you.

 1. She Introduces You to Her Relatives

 A woman who willingly introduces you to her loved ones is a woman who is not ashamed of you, but rather proud to be with you.

She’s a woman who takes responsibility for her relationship with you and isn’t afraid to show off with you.

It wouldn’t be if she only saw you as a sex party or just a one-night stand.

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It’s true that many slay queens show off with their sugar daddies but that is not what we are referring. The point here is if a woman truly loves you, she will not mind coming out for you to be seen as the man in her life.

2. She Projects Herself into the Future with You

Things women do when they truly love you

A woman who projects herself into the future with you is obviously a woman who envisions a long-term relationship with you.

Quite the opposite of the girl who only sees you as a one-night stand.

If your girlfriend tells you about medium to long-term projects that she would like to do with you, it shows that she cares about you and your relationship.

 3. She Wants To Have Children with You

This sign of love joins the previous sign: a woman who wants to have children with you or who evokes this future possibility is a woman who designs her future with you.

This is a clear sign that she loves you and that she wants to make her life with you.

 4. She Gives You Gifts

A girl who gives you presents (and especially when she does it early, even before you are in a relationship with her), is a girl who cares about you and the image you have of her.

I always appreciate it when a girl gives me a little gift.  I find that impressive.

This is a sign that the girl cares about you, but also that she is a quality woman who will make you happy and allow you to flourish.

Even more when it comes to a personalized gift.

In fact, it doesn’t have to be expensive, the key is to be personalized.  That is, that she invested time and energy in it and that she showed some creativity.

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More generally, a girl who does nice things to you is a woman who truly loves you, in addition to being a quality woman.

5. She Gives Too Much Importance To What You Think Of Her

Things women do when they truly love you
Finding the right man in love

A woman who values ​​the way you see her is a woman who cares about you.

She wants to be beautiful in your eyes.  She wants to make sure that your relationship is good.

Basically, she doesn’t want you to get bored or lose interest in her. This is a clear sign that she truly loves you and will not be ready to lose you.

6 She Yells At You Following Certain Actions on Your Part

When you tease her a little too hard when she doesn’t understand your humor when you don’t pay enough attention to her… Sometimes your girlfriend will scare you. It’s boring, I know, but it’s a sign of true love.

Indeed, for example, she may be disappointed at the lack of investment you show compared to her investment.

She can take a tease from you badly (remember that a girl who loves you will usually care a lot about what you think of her).

In short, a girl who shouts at you after some clumsiness or oversights on your part is a girl who cares about you and who truly loves you.

Have that in mind and see the positive side of the situation when it happens)

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7. She Is (A Little) Jealous

A jealous girl is a girl who is afraid of losing you. So this is a girl who cares about you and consequentially truly loves you.

Quite the opposite of a chick who doesn’t really care if you go anywhere else or talk to other girls because you are probably also not the only one in her life.

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So of course there are different degrees of jealousy:

Ideally, if she is just a little jealous once in a while, not throw a tantrum at the slightest sign of slippage on your part.

8. She Is Attentive To Your Needs

She notices some small details and makes your daily life easier. It makes your life easier and can even help you with your projects.

She avoids bothering you or doing anything you might not like. All of these signals show that she truly loves and cares about you and your well-being.

A friend of mine dated a girl who never asked about how he is faring about his chores knowing he is a busy type.

For me, such a woman doesn’t truly love him.

9. She gets excited about details

She gets angry or freaks out by reminding you of things you don’t even remember saying.

It shows that she is paying attention to what you tell her.  And so that she cares about what you think of her or what you do to maintain the relationship.

Again, it can be boring (especially when you don’t expect it), but see the bright side: it shows that she has deep feelings for you meaning she truly loves you.

10. She Calls You Just To Say Hello

A chick who texts you or gives you a phone call just to say hi is a chick who loves you. She just wants to interact with you, without expecting anything in return.

She wants to hear the sound of your voice and feel your presence.

Knowing how to recognize the signs of love that you have just seen will allow you to feel more confident in the presence of women who will send you one or more of these signals.

Because it will confirm that you are on the right track. It will confirm that you are doing the right thing.

But you shouldn’t obsess over these signs either. If you get caught up in trying to notice these signs, you will no longer focus on what really matters – your attitude and actions.

You will be disconnected from the present moment. So don’t get caught up in trying to spot these signs, just know how to recognize them.

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