We had a Blood Covenant to Marry but I Failed to Honor it. I’m getting the Effects Now

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We had a Blood Covenant to Marry but I Failed to Honor it. I’m getting the Effects Now

We had a Blood Covenant to Marry but I Failed to Honor it. I’m getting the Effects Now
We had a Blood Covenant to Marry and I’m getting the Effects Now

In my first year at the University of Valley View. We had a blood covenant to marry my guy but honestly, I couldn’t honor my promise. My story will inspire you or keep you on your toes to take credence from relationships.

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During my undergraduate program, I met a young brilliant, and handsome gentleman by the name of Mikehuon. He is a guy whom I felt so vastly attracted to the first time I got to the University and luckily for me my class with the same program.

Though, as naive, fresh, and innocent as I was before penetrating into the university, my closeness to Mikehuon made people associate him to be my boyfriend. The more closeness I become with Mikehuon, my colleagues tease us to be Mr. and Mrs.

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Though it didn’t feel funny to me, pals made me laugh at it. It continued to a point I had to accept the fate that, Mikehuon is actually my boyfriend as they jokily tease me.

After the first year at the university, through to the second year. The nearness and connections became stronger and stronger and Mikehuon become part of me. I couldn’t do away with Mikehuon. Checking up on ourselves each day.

Day and night I become more emotionally connected to this young man than I could imagine. We learned together, eat together, walked together, go to class together, etc. thus making the bond just like an intimacy existing between us but it was normal friendship.

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Along the line, I developed feelings for Mikehuon likewise he confirmed same he is having feelings for me. Yet, we decided to maintain our friendship and not jeopardize our friendship.

We stayed through to each other and supported to the third year during vacations, holidays, etc

We get in touch via phone, text messages, etc. The more we did that, the more I had feelings for Mikehuon. That feeling made me say, we will surely end up together perhaps after school or at the right time.

Because of my closeness to Mikehuon and how far I formulated feelings for them, I never paid attention to any male who came around. One hot sunny afternoon after a while conversation with Mikehuon, decided to show love with a blood covenant.

It was that day he got to know me all as he paid a visit to me at my hostel. I promise to marry him no matter what happens. I got to know him inside out that day as my guy to be forever.

In the beginning, it was not easy t show my feelings for Mikehuon, and thinking of him taking me to the utter were mere words, if not for Mikehuon, I won’t marry if not Mikehuon.

We continued our friendship till we were out of school yet we were still close and tight. During our national service, we still managed to keep in touch. [ Read: We Decided Not to Have Children Again but He Doesn’t Want to Use]

Even though the attempt to start a relationship was always lurking around us. Yet one evening after work. I decided to pay him a surprise visit to his niche. I got there and saw a lady on his bed in his room.

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He came to meet me with a surprised look on his face and asked that I come in. I looked at the lady lying on his bed looked straight into his eyes and shook my head whiles saying to myself, I am done with him. We had a blood covenant to marry but Mikehuon’s action will end it today.

Because I just couldn’t believe whiles waiting for him, he was busy with another lady. So I moved on with my life. For a short while, I had someone coming in for a relationship and I agreed

We dated for a while and now we have plans on the way to make it official and in public yet am still in touch with Mikehuon thought, though it wasn’t like previously. It’s the normal hello, how are u you. Nothing beyond that.

But then I always think and dream of Mikehuon every night I sleep. I dream of what we both shared after we had a blood covenant to marry.

I dream of us being together. I wanted to reach him and let him understand yet, have decided to stay away from him.

I now have nightmares of seeing myself in rivers and other shrines in dreams. The scary one is the one I saw myself riding a horse with a single in my dream. Why I asked whether is the covenant that is making me scared?

I received a message yesterday from him too saying this similar nightmare. Should I go back to him or how do I break it now?

I strongly feel the motive why I feel this way with dreams about Mikehuon is the covenant I made to myself some time ago. What do I do about that?  

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We had a blood covenant to marry and fulfill what we started but it is not working for me. I am struggling to stand firm again and have a possible dream fulfilled.

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