10 Ways How to Get Your Ex Back When You Still Live Together

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how to get Your Ex Back When You Still Live Together

10 Ways on How to Get Your Ex Back When You Still Live Together

How to Get Your Ex Back When You Still Live Together

You have been thinking about How to Get Your Ex Back When You Still Live Together? We are interested in restoring your happiness in a relationship by guiding you on the best principles.


Breaking up with the person you love is not an easy task not to talk about living together with him. This often happens when you both live together despite the breakup due to the financial challenges to have your own apartment.

It can have a negative effect on you getting him back if you really need him back. It can be complicated if you are living together with your ex.

But you can deal with the situation because it is not a weakness so long as you follow a clear plan.

It would have been difficult for you to get him back if you were living in a different place. Leverage that opportunity how to get your ex back when you still live together.

If you’re willing to get your ex back, I have some tips here for you to follow and see how easy it will be as compared to someone living far away from her ex.

It is going to be simple for you since you have the opportunity of living with your ex.

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1. Add Value to Your Self

The value here means, finding something doing if you were only depending on your ex. It will help you to rely on your personal budget without asking your ex for any financial support.

If he was leaving you because of a financial burden, he will start to rethink that act.

Let him feel that you’re a woman of virtue and can feed yourself without his support. Don’t be left vulnerable as a result of a breakup.

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Although you may not have enough money to get your own apartment at that stage, try and make life better on your own especially feeding.


2. Change Appearances

how to get your ex back when you still live together

If you want to get your ex’s attention on you without letting him know your intention, then, change your appearance.

Getting new clothing, a new haircut, a slim body, and other nice appearances will catch your ex’s attention.

How to get your ex back when you still live together is by surprising him with your new look. A healthy lifestyle can help you improve your looks. Get a fitness group to make you slimmer and more attractive to him.

Consider the type of change that will make your ex marvel and regret breaking up with you.

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3. Do Things Independently

If you were doing things together with him, start to do things independently now. It helps him to see how relevant you were to him.

Immediately your ex realizes you are doing things that you no more give him an audience, his attention will now be on you. He will now see your independence as exceptional and admiring.

Do not be afraid, you’ve set a good trap on how to get your ex back when you still live together.

How to Get Your Ex Back When You Still Live Together

4. Give a Gap

When you are with your ex at the same place or house despite the breakup, you have to act with caution. Don’t make them annoyed with you by interrupting in their privacy.

You have to give them enough space to show that you can live a separate life. Do not make any mistake to do anything for him such as cooking or washing for him. Let him feel his single side and do your own things.


5. Prove you Can Make Him Happy

Prove that you can make him happy by showing things he never knew. There is a reason why you decided to break up which may be beyond your strength.

You might have signed a lease that you can’t get out of it. It may be probably because of the kids involved and you’re finding it difficult to do.

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You can get your ex back when you still live with him by proving a positive attitude for him to see you as a changed person.

Ways on How to Get Your Ex Back When You Still Live Together


6. Don’t Always Be Home

Staying home always will make him think you have nothing to do for yourself. It can even annoy him of your constant stay in the house.

If you want to know how to get your ex back when you still live together, consider going out sometime to make him feel your absence.

He will become irritated by your constant presence, and he’ll start to assume you don’t have a life of your own.

Get out of the house as soon as possible before your ex wakes up. Make plans after work so that he doesn’t know where you are when you should be at home.


7. Be your Own Boss

Manage your own affairs without consulting him for any support. You see in life, everyone will always get you into their trap when you keep giving out all your information to them.

It is time you start to manage your life, doing things independently and seeking personal support without him. Do this for some time and you will start to see how he will be stirring at you.

If he asks you for a hand to support you in anything, do not reject him but thank him after completing that for you.

You want him to see that your life has moved on and that you are still happy after the breakup. It won’t hurt if he sometimes inquires about your work.


8. Don’t Provoke Him with Insinuations on Phone Calls

If you pick up conversations to make him, jealous, he will do more than you are doing. Don’t be playing a mind game because you break up with him.

The biggest mistake you will ever encounter is making him jealous of your attitude. When you want to know how to get your ex back when you still live together, then don’t try to make him jealous.

If you try to call other men on the phone to pretend you have a new date or guy to make him furious then, you may get it backfired.

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I don’t think you will be happy seeing your ex dating another woman while you still stay together under the same roof. Don’t bring in what you cannot hold. Jealousy can bring in what is bigger than before.


9. Start Cool Conversations

Now, you’ve been able to get his attention small by being self-reliant, independent, lifestyle changes, and so on. He may be given your attention by this time.

Start a conversation with him with a bit of caution not to trigger old issues that caused the mess.

You can even hang out with him if he asked for that at a place in the town. Be prepared to embrace the love he will be having for you again.

He will now remember how good you people were before any challenges occurred.

The attention will be better than before as he feels ok going out with you now. You won’t get it easy initially, but the good time is near.

Go through the final plan to fully capture him to be loved and deepen your relationship. It is not normally how to get your ex back when you still live together but how to treat him well through communication.


10. Embrace the Result

You have done a great job by following all the tips to get your ex back when you live together in the same place. The final tip is to embrace the outcome of your good attitude during the recession period.

He may approach you to resolve issues and merge things to become one again. That’s your choice to accept or reject. But I don’t think you will reject the offer.

Give him the audience and try to sort out things in a rightful manner. He may try it through a third party which is not also bad for me. Just let him know you don’t hate me.

Allow the conversation to flow naturally by having a light conversation over dinner or breakfast, talking about irrelevant issues. Allow them to relax in your presence, just like they did previously.



How to get your ex back when you live together can be challenging but not impossible. The right thing to do is to lay your groundwork well. Be cautious of your act in order not to let it backfire.

The chance of getting him back is more than staying in a different place after the breakup. It takes time and patients to win his heart again. If you rush things, you may get them wrong.

Do the right thing as a woman of virtue. The result may be marvelous and lovely after the successful execution of the tips. You have him at hand if you play the game well.








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