10 Signs that She Love You But Afraid To Tell You

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signs that she loves you

10 Signs that She Loves You But Afraid To Tell You

signs that she loves you

 Looking for a perfect partner is really a difficult thing, buddy.  When it comes to ladies especially, it is a bit difficult to explain their love behavior.  Girls don’t express their feelings easily for you to know they really love you. Let me tell you the signs that she loves you but hides her feelings for you.


How do you then know a lady loves you but finds it difficult to reveal to you? If indeed you love a girl, then study this secret of reading her intentions before going forward to propose.

We shall discuss the 10 signs that she loves you secretly but is unable to tell you. Signs that she loves you but is afraid to tell you; we often love someone but hide it for the right time or are afraid of rejection. And sometimes we feel the person is big or above us when we disclose such things to him or her.

Another thing you must put in mind is that a girl will never come forward easily to express her feelings for you. She may show it true body gestures and actions.

1. She Smiles nicely at you

Smiling is an act of showing love to someone no matter your relationship with the person. Everybody feels appreciated when they see you smiling at them for something they did.

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If the girl you love always smiles at you when she sees you passing or even in the middle of colleagues, it all shows she feels for you.  A smile makes ladies more beautiful to men. She does that to indicate her true beauty to you. A lady will only smile at someone she likes without a reason.

Have you noticed how she feels when you are passing? That should tell you how deeply she is falling for you but quite afraid you may turn her down when she comes forward. Take time to read the 9 types of women you should not marry.

2. She makes longer Eye Contact with you

One of the greatest tools for conversation is eye contact. It shows how serious someone is when talking to you. It also shows the person is paying much attention to your conversation.  Eye contact helps to build the connection between 2 people in conversation.

If you have realized she looks at you always, tries and build that connection true your eye contact, and see what may happen. This will assist you to read her soul from the inside out and understand when she loves you. If the connection is deep then it is a sign that she loves you but is scared to reveal it.

Normal eye contact takes not more than 5 seconds. If a girl looks into your eye beyond that time without saying anything, then she probably loves you and wants it to be real.

3. Social Media Attitudes

Is she on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc? she will be the first to like any picture that you post. Her likes to any post will depict her character. When she started to comment positively on almost all your posts then the connection for love is real. Read on how to make her love you again after several attempts

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4. She respects you

Respect is earned from a person who sees value in you. As long as she has good plans about you hidden, she will always want to give you the maximum respect. The respect she gives to you may be different from others.

Take note of the signs that she loves you secretly but is afraid you may turn her down. She will speak to you respectfully and you may be wondering what made you deserve that way of life.

5. Your Happiness is Her Priority

Such a lady always wants to make to see you happy. In some instances, she always tries to make you smile. When a lady loves a guy, she will do whatever it is to keep him happy. There will never be a way she will deliberately offend you.

Have you noticed something like that from her? She is waiting for you to take the first step. She is given you signals that she is available for communication that will bind you, people, together. Break the barrier by starting a conversation but not in rush.

6. She Always Wants To Around You

As the love grows in her, she always tries to find a way to be around you. She says things that may keep her staying longer for conversation. She doesn’t mind following you to where you be going for soccer. She will sit behind watching your moves on the field.

You may be going to read at the library, and you will also see her reading. She will do everything possible to catch your glimpse. The reason is to let you notice her.  This entire act is a sign that she loves you but is afraid to come forward.

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7. She can’t look directly into your eye

These are other interesting signs that she loves you but hides her feelings from you. She looks away when you look at her. She can’t maintain her eyes on you when you watch her straight in her eyes. Before when you were not familiar with her, she was making eye contact but now shy from you.

This is something you should notice that the girl loves you and will accept your proposal if you try proposing to her. What are you waiting for bro? Make a move now if you also love her.

8. She tries to touch you sometime

Touch is one of the love languages you should not ignore. Because she is becoming familiar with you, she will always make an attempt to touch you. Touch is a wonderful language that even animals make good use of it.

When she touches you, you can feel the love she has for you.

If a girl is trying to touch you, touch your shoulder, hair, or any part of your body, then she is expressing her feelings to you.

 9. She will ask to know more about you

At this point, she asks questions to know you more. She will ask questions about where you stay and how long you’ve been around that particular place. Don’t be surprised she may ask you certain questions you wouldn’t imagine she knows. That’s what we say, love. Also, read on how to avoid cheating in a relationship.

10. She will talk about you when she is with her friends

She will want you to know that you’re important to her. She will always speak positive things about you to her friends. You will even have the feeling that your friends are recommending her to you. As a man, take the bold decision and approach her. All the signs that she loves you are shown clearly without ambiguity.








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