How to Find a Good Wife The Ultimate 10 Guide

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The Ultimate 10 Guide on How to find a Good Wife

Find a good wife

Recently, when I was checking on my blog, I’ve been searching online on how to find a good wife all men wish to marry. My researches landed me on several platforms but quite difficult to find such a wife. It takes a thin and difficult task to find a good wife to marry as your wife.


Marriage is a great journey with one door that locks inside without opening back again. Just as every woman expects a good husband, every man also expects a good wife to marry. To marry a good wife requires keen research, attention, and probably prayers depending on your faith.

To find a good wife as a man, there are some habits or qualities that will make you identify from the said woman of choice.

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1. Be a friend, not his enemy

People in long-term relationships will one day prefer to settle with their partner for the rest of their life. But to find such a person to settle down with is not the same as dating that same person for years. Becoming a wife is the task of satisfying your husband’s happiness. To find a good wife is not the same as finding just a wife.

As an ultimate guide to help you, we recommend that find someone who will be a friend than an enemy in marriage. Such a woman should be there for you just like your close friends use to help you in times of difficulty.

Such a woman qualifies to be a good wife when she thinks of your welfare as her’s, not just to benefit from you. If you want to find a good wife, then study it from the period of dating or friendship. Remember physical attraction cannot last forever. Get who will be there for you at all times just as you may also do for her.

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2. Honest to her husband

find a good wife

A good wife should be honest and genuine to her husband as the head of the family. How long can you save a liar? Find a good wife by studying how honest she is in her words and promises.  John Lennon said, “being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones”.

Trust can only be accorded to people who are truthful and honest. It saves time for everyone and prevents mistrust.

3. Respect to her partner

To find a good wife means someone who will accept your flaws and make reasonable decisions out of them. The one that can respect you as you may do to her. She should have the charisma to respect all her friends and family.

A woman should not use harsh words to communicate with her husband. A good woman should always maintain her dignity by not humiliating her husband to outsiders. As a woman don’t expect your husband to be excellent but accept him as he is and respect him as your husband.

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4. Supportive to her husband

To find a good wife, find the one that can support you at all times. Support comes in various forms; emotional, physical, and financial. A good wife is the one that supports her husband when a difficult situation emerges. Find a woman that can support you without you asking for it.

Maturity count in a relationship, a good woman should be able to know the time her husband needs her support. Some men may not ask but try to identify their challenging moment. Make sure you surprise him if you can, by giving out your best for him.

How to find a good wife? Find her through her actions towards other people. She should not spread your information to outsiders after giving you a helping hand.

5. Be Romantic than being Robotic

Be romantic not robotic

You as a man have the responsibility to understand what love is all about to learn and practice. It will also help you to make a judgment on the type of woman you are getting settled with.

A great relationship doesn’t happen because of the love you had in the beginning but how well you continue building love until the end according to Deavita. If your marriage fails to embrace romance, then you’ve failed as a solution to the present.

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Every marriage needs romance to fulfill the pleasure of the human body and feelings. Don’t see yourself as needy when the demand comes for a romance. Go ahead as a good wife to show your man that it forms part of the marriage journey.

6. Listening Ability

A good wife listens than talks. She understands the power of listening and makes sure she only talks when appropriate. To find a good wife, you need to look onto the one with the power to hold her mouth in some critical situation.

Such a woman speaks to comfort your heart. She will not always complain about her life situations. Don’t get me wrong, know this before marrying. Friends know friends who have such unique traits. Do inquiries about the lady ad have a few days friendship to understand her character before moving on to marriage issues.

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7. A good wife abides by her own words

She abides by her own words

It may take you some time to really know the real character of some people. Some can pretend for years or more before their real character will be known. It is also time to find a good wife to marry. How will you know all this?

Study her words and how she attends to your request. Does she take you seriously when you ask her to go out with you? When she promises to come to you does she even obey her time? These are some checks for you to deduce the kind of love you are developing.

A good wife will always meet you in time as discussed. She asks you to forgive her if she feels she breached any agreement you had. That is the time to know the type of woman you want to marry.

8. Good Conducts and Character

Some people marry because of shapes and beauty. It is not bad to have a beautiful lady as your wife but the character is the major key. You may be praised by your friends for the beauty of your wife, however, character counts a lot.

To get a good wife to marry is different from dating a woman or being in a normal relationship. Find a good wife by studying her character and how she conducts herself towards you and the people around you.

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9. Internal Beauties

A good wife is the one with internal beauty but not outside beauty. You may prefer outside beauty but as time pass by it will fade away leaving wrinkles. A good wife should be submissive to her husband and show love at all times even when she is sad.

Dwelling only on physical beauty is very dangerous in selecting a good spouse. Many relationships end on rocks due to certain mistakes like these. Consider the internal beauty of the woman at hand and decide like a man to quit if she doesn’t qualify to be your wife.

10. How she handles anger

find a good wife

To find a good wife, you have a lot to note as you progress towards settling down with someone. A lady who is ready to marry you should be patient even when offended by words or actions. A good wife will politely express it in a mature way.

A woman who can curse you for all sort of things worth not being married by you no matter her beauty level of financial stands. A good wife may keep silent even if she is offended and later inform you of what you did to her.

Where to Get the Woman of Your Choice to Marry

There Are Several Places You Can Get A Woman To Marry

You are so amazing for reading the basic things about women. We shall progress to where you can get them to select one as your partner

Online Platforms

I met my wife on a WhatsApp group created purposely for singles searching for marriage. You can also decide to choose yours from several online dating platforms. It may not be easy to get the real one but continue searching to find the one you want.

Be careful not to be scammed because online dating is at risk if you do not take more caution. Make a good profile check, good research, and question that friend very well before committing yourself.

Events or Programs

Take advantage of events organized in your place. It can be birthday parties, seminars or weddings.


Move to your friends and chat with them. They may know somebody who is interested to get married. Go out and socialize with people to make more friends.

Secrets to sustaining a good wife

Be faithful

So long as you want to find a good wife, find a way to keep her forever. They are as human as you are and will never be happy when you play with their heart. Be faithful to her and give your best to keep them.

Be Supportive

Do not let her ask before you do what is expected of you. Support her at all times to keep her in line with her duties as your wife.

Appreciate what she does

Praise her and smile with her. Let her feel gratitude for her work than criticizing her. Just thank her for all the good things she does for you.



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