Characteristics of a Cheating Man: 10 Secrets Signs

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Characteristics of a Cheating Man: 10 Secrets Signs

characteristics of a cheating man

Have you witnessed any change in your boyfriend or husband’s character? We have come out with some characteristics of a cheating man that may help you to study him well.

Before you cause any problem by confronting him, you must understand the signs that are described as cheating traits.


What you must know is that he may have only one out of ten points yet he cheats. He must not have all the characters before you know he does something bad.

Below are some characteristics of a cheating man that require your full attention. This will enlighten you to know the signs he is cheating or not.

1. Characteristics of a cheating man: Narcissist

Is your husband a narcissist type or a self-centered type of person? Men like this are primed for serial cheating.

They lack empathy and are known for doing things on their own which benefits them without thinking about others people like this can’t be changed.

When a man can’t keep his promises unless it’s convenient to him and sees nothing wrong with it when a man uses the silent treatment when it comes to conflict issues.

When he makes you feel unloved .that’s ignoring u etc. are all signs of a narcissistic man.

2. He is Secretive

Secrecy is one of the characteristics of a cheating man. When a man is always on his phone more than normal, has a password on his phone which he refuses to share with his partner, when a man doesn’t tell you where he goes, who he goes out with, places he goes to are all signs of a cheating husband.

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When he responds to questions with a word. Talks frequently about another woman bringing his phone everywhere he goes, and intimacy waned. They are all signs to watch out for and run to the hills.

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What is the attitude when you try to pick up his phone calls? That tells you that he is not trustworthy. Men with secrecy traits are very difficult to know their behavior. You must stay focused and monitor to see his traits if it falls under any of these.

3. Focusing on his Appearance

When a man gets increased interest in his Appearance. Wearing new clothes you haven’t seen him wearing before have to be worried.

When there is a change in hairstyle, a fixation, or a splurge on new things that happens to be his Appearance. There are all signs that yes he is cheating.

He always wants to look different on some secret programs he wouldn’t want you to know the location. Has he once had a pot belly but refused to work on it? Why is he now at the gym trying to look fit but failing to tell you to join?

These are legitimate signs that some men show when they start to cheat on their partners. You don’t have to confront him on these but just have a close look at him.

I will also urge you to keep records of the red flags you’re seeing now to reveal to him at the appropriate time. Record to be able to recall the exact date for evidence’s sake.

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4. Changes in Communication

A breakdown in communication where the man no longer shares his day with you or stop communicating with you for longer periods is a sign of a cheating husband.

Communication forms an integral part of every relationship and should never be undermined. When you begin to see communication breaks in your relationship, then be suspecting him of foul play.

The major characteristics of a cheating man is a break in communication. Be an observer of how he talks to you from the present and the past.

When he stops to say I love you. Through conversations when he changed subjects to avoid unpleasant topics, and when he accuses you of anything u talked about as an issue rather than helping seek solutions to issues.

5. Best Defense the good offense 

This is one of the mind games a cheating husband plays .as he accuses u of being a cheat while you are not just to break you back to your heels and distract u away from his own middling. They are all mind games of emotional abuse and a form to take the focus off you.

6. Spending more time outside of Home

Cheating men prefer staying out for a long and a few hours at home. He finds it difficult to do things to stay in love as expected. When you ask the reason why he spends more time outside, he starts to argue over it.

7. Emotional intimacy being faded

When you realized emotional intimacy between you and your partner has been reduced .remember, this intimacy is what bonds u to your significant another long before the bloom is off.

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If you notice there has been a change that seems less emotionally vulnerable with you and doesn’t want you to feel that vulnerable that’s a strong indication that his focus has been shifted from you.

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8. Unexpected Expenses

Another sign of a cheating husband .whereby u notice a sudden change on his credit cards. For instance the purchases of gifts, the cost of hotel rooms, etc. Ensuring about them but you realize the answers are untrue. It’s a sure possible sign of infidelity and a sign of a cheating spouse

9. Distracted while with you

When your husband looks so distracted whiles sitting with you and having a conversation. Looking so nervous and quiet like he not paying attention or following the conversation.

Sitting silently without the altar of a word toward you whiles with you. When you realize though you talking with your husband his mind is far away from you.

They are all signs that he is cheating on you .maybe he is thinking about the other woman or daydreaming.

10. An Altered Schedule

Your husband isn’t the type of working late at night or coming home late. All of a sudden a change in his schedule .working late and giving excuses for his new schedule is a sign.  Excuses for him staying longer at work in the name of work are all lies and a sign.

Other characteristics of a cheating man are his lies. He always wants to find a way out when he is caught in any immoral act.

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