Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend: 12 Romantic Tips

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surprise your girlfriend

Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend: 12 Romantic Tips

surprise your girlfriend

There are so many ways to surprise your girlfriend. You just have to make someday a special one for that since there is no other day for surprises.

Surprising a girl is not just kissing her or making some romantic moves but it has gone beyond that. You have to make things that will make her happy. It has propelled us to get you the 12 romantic tips to surprise your girlfriend any day or time.

surprise your girlfriend

1. Get Her a Surprise Gift


Surprise her with a gift on her birthday, during the festivity, or during any day’s happy moment. it can be any gift of your choice it doesn’t matter the cost. Love is about understanding but not overspending.

During her birthday, you can buy her cake or chocolate, which symbolizes the love of all kinds. Order it without her knowledge. Present to her in respectful, cute, and lovely ways.

2. Valentine's Day Celebration

Celebrate valentines day with her without failing her with a valentines gift and party. Let her know her love is paramount so is the reason you are making the day special for her.

Now to do that, you have to make sure that you are doing it without her intention.

Make sure that the gift is presented in a cute and romantic way. Read More: How to Handle Disappointment in Your Relationship: 5 Tips

3.Take her for a surprise date

A lot of people fail to take their girlfriends on dates or at any party, which I think is wrong.

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Identify a program be it a cinema or pool party. Buy a ticket for her and go with her to the program.  

4. Write a cute message to her

Have you ever tried any love notes to her before? If not, then you can write a love note to her in handwritten form. Specifically, show all the things you love about her and send them to her. She will be surprised to see such a message drafted to her either personally or by mail.

5.Go On Short Trip Together

I realized that you have some free period, you can go on a short trip for fun. Surprised your girlfriend with a short trip to make her have fun and improve your love. You can have full time for each during weekends so take advantage of that to make her happy.

6. Surprise Her with Your Cooking Skills

Show her how you can be a good cook as a surprise for her. Take a move to the market buy things come and surprised your girlfriend with your special cooking skills. I want you to show how good you are to her in decency so clean the kitchen after all your effort. Try cooking special gob3 if you are in Ghana.

7. Surprised Her with Breakfast

Don’t let her know that you will do anything just prepare breakfast for her before she wakes up. Tea and bread with fried eggs are not bad if you can. You have to wake up early before she does in order to do that for her. Send it to her on the bed and help her to take it.

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8. Dedicate a Song for Her

You can call in on the radio to dedicate a song for her a symbol of love. She will be surprised to hear her name on the radio and you saying over there that you love her. Mention her name and location to wish her good wishes. Let her know how you love her and describe her as the best lady you ever know.

9. Drop a Cute Message for her

If you can drop some nice messages in her dressing bag too, it will help you surprise her. In case she is not around, you can leave her some cute messages to make her day brighter. She will be glad to see you care for her in that manner. Never underestimate these petty things in a relationship because they help to shape the strength of love.

10. Surprise Your Girlfriend with Singing

Have you ever sung for her as your girlfriend? Try this and thank me later. Ladies are a little bit fragile when it comes to relationships. So, surprise your girlfriend with that beautiful love song she loves. If you are a guitarist, then yours will be amazing for her liking. Read More: 8 Common Relationship Problems That Can Break Your Marriage

11. Buy Her Something Cute

As you are close to work, you can just pass by the supermarket to buy her something cute. She won’t be expecting that so she will see it as a surprise. Anything cute or romantic can do. It should not necessarily be expensive.

12. Have a Picnic

Prepare your lunch or dinner in a new location outside your residence. Take all necessary equipment including your foodstuffs. Go outside which can even be your backyard and prepare food over there. Spread your food and drinks there to enjoy a new environment. Do the best you can to make life better for you.

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