10 Top Reasons Why I Want to Marry a Nurse

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I want to marry a nurse

10 Top Reasons Why I Want to Marry a Nurse

I want to marry a nurse

You might think it’s strange that the man who’s writing this article wants to marry someone in the medical profession. To me, though, it makes perfect sense, and here’s why I want to marry a nurse to make my happiness full. I love nurses, especially when they are dressed. I love their comportment towards others at the hospital. I have always prayed for this day to come for me to be on the pulpit initiating my marriage ceremony.

Others will never advise a friend or any relative to ever try dating anyone from the medical profession not to talk of marrying anyone from it. This will not deter me from getting married to one because my dream is to be a nurse husband.

Upon all, my close friend married a nurse in the Volta region of Ghana. He told me things about their marriage and this also increase my happiness to marry the profession. From what I have seen, I would want to marry a nurse to witness the practical experience.


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1. Good Looking Nurses

Nurses are one of the most attractive professions in the world, and there’s no denying that. Plus, nurses have great senses of humor and they take care of people. What more could you ask for? A nurse can dress beyond how they were prescribed to do and admirably, possess good relations with their patients.

Have you ever tried to have a second look at them at the hospital? They look gorgeous and can treat you amazingly if you get one as your partner. From childhood, I always tell mum I want to marry a nurse when I become an adult. With my myopic thinking as a child, I have grown to still love to have one as my wife and have full-time life with her.

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2. Long Work Days

Because of the long work days, nurses have time to dedicate themselves to other areas of their lives, such as their families and hobbies. They also take care of themselves by eating right and getting enough rest. I wish you have a relative who is in that profession for you to know. They take good care of their home and successfully make their love partner feel better to have them as a life partner.

Their schedules are wonderful in other not to miss their time on duty. When they are given a night shift, they humbly make good use of the day to meet the expectation of their partner. With such dedication to life, I want to marry a nurse who can equally treat me well as I always love to get.

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3. A Nurses’ Salary Is Quite Appealing

A nurse’s salary is also quite appealing and many are willing to get that job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses make an average salary of $68,640 in the United States. That’s not bad. In my country, nurses don’t make less than Ghc36,000 a year which is quite better.

The reason for getting a nurse is not basically on the salary or income earned but based on the fact that she may not overdemand from me. They are supportive of people who aren’t even their relatives.

4. Nurses Are Kind and Calm People

Nurses work with patients in all sorts of situations, and they have the best bedside manner. They are kind, caring, and compassionate people who listen well and are calm in any situation. Nurses are compassionate towards others and that makes the profession a unique one.

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Providing good care to others makes their profession lovely. Not to say much, but this is the best reason that makes nurses great partners. They are calm towards every issue that hit their life. Nurses have great humor towards the people they live with and this is why I want to marry a nurse.

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5. Nurses are good listeners

They have a good listening ear to their partner. They are trained to take orders as well, so anything you discussed is given much attention. It is always important to have someone who will dedicate time to you. Marrying a nurse will give you peace of mind since she will not despise your words.

6. They Can Help Me If I Get Sick

I want to marry a nurse because they can help me if there’s anything wrong with me. in the part of health, I will have firsthand treatment if am not well.  They are trained in health care, so they would know what to do if something happened. A nurse will never allow her partner to be unhealthy if she knows the solution to the health problem.

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7. They Will Be Physically Fit

Nurses have many responsibilities and need to be in good shape. Do you know that most nurses are good in bed? Yes, they are because they even give the best advice to couples. It is not uncommon for nurses to have to lift or move patients and they also need the physical endurance necessary for long shifts.

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8. They Are Creative in most fields

Nurses are creative and resourceful, which is why it’s so important for them to have their own supplies. They need things like bandages, gauze, medical tape, sterile gloves, and more. They also serve as first aid in the house. Another advantage you get from marrying a nurse is that you get first aid support for any of your children who falls sick.

9. You Never Get Bored by Marrying One

Some marriages turn out to be boring after some time of being together. Nurses are always learning about new things, and they’re always helping people. When you marry one, you’ll never get bored with them. It’s like being married to a detective who solves crimes every day!

10. Perfect Angel for your Love Life

Nurses are some of the most amazing women you’ll ever meet. They’re strong and caring, and they make the world better by fighting for people’s health. Nurses are the best homemakers if you ask me as compared to other professions without looking down on any profession. I may not have proof or statistics to back it but I have experienced it myself. I want to marry a nurse because am caring and would want to be cared for.

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