11 Strategies to Guide You in Choosing Your Life Partner Wisely

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Insanely Actionable Strategies to guide you in choosing your life partner wisely



Let me tell you folks; especially the young ones planning to get married, you are lucky that today I am sharing great piece about choosing your life partner.

I am glad you have already taken a good approach to selecting your spouse. This is very amazing and I won’t talk much because you already know just as I do.

You may need marriage advice online if you cannot use the traditional means of marriage counseling.

The options you’ve considered, the conversations you had, and the social interactions you had are between you and your maker. I am not the one to judge. You have all it takes to follow your strategies to choose your partner wisely.

Building a stronger relationship is not just by words but having mutual understanding about your selected partner. I have been a victim of relationship breakup to 2 ladies before my final destination with Elisha from the Volta Region of Ghana.

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We have 3 kids, 2 girls, and one boy. Our relationship nearly collapsed but we have maintained the strategies we are going to share with you today. It worked well for me and I believe it will also work well for you only if you would put some into practice especially strategy 1 and 4.

Before I start, bear in mind that, some of these strategies are my personal opinion and might not be applicable to some people based on geographical locations and cultural differences.

1. Honesty

choosing your life partner wisely


Be honest with yourself and know who you want to be with in life. Before you go into a relationship, get someone who will be with you, and want what you like.

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Selecting a honest person gives you peace of mind and happy marriage. That won’t be easy but possible if you do proper checks.

Be honest to choose who you want to be with and use these strategies to choose your partner wisely. Be honest with yourself and identify things that will destroy your relationship. You know yourself very well than I do; do you have what it takes to be in a relationship?

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2. Don’t Let Fear Guide Your Choices

People sometimes lose the right partner and stick to the wrong partners because of fear that they might not find someone better.

When you allow your negative taught to take over and be the voice of reasoning, you are under settling. This is the reason why most people are experiencing abusive and toxic relationships.

When the relationship isn’t working out, know that you have someone who sincerely loves and cares for you. Don’t waste all your time on that one person who doesn’t want to make you better.

Make sure you have the courage when choosing your life partner with more conscious.

3. Get Someone You Are Attracted To

When you are looking for a spouse it is ok to find someone you are attracted to, the one you find good looking and one who admires you for you are no matter your situation.

Never fall for dictators to your life because of his position, age, or status in the place you find yourself. (Check: How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy When She’s Sad).

4. Choosing based on beauty

Your point of love must be immaculate. People marry base on several reasons and these reasons vary from one person to the other. Some people marry for beauty so that others will marvel and say wow!

5. Choosing Based On Wealth

choosing your life partner wisely

Some people marry because of wealth thus the partner thinks of becoming rich after marriage. A long time ago people marry based on wealth and fashion they see but today, the poor marry rich and the rich also marry the poor.

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The bottom line is love, but not actually the wealth possessed by the so-called partner. On the contrary, I don’t disagree with you marrying someone who is already wealthy but that should not be the baseline to fall in love as we are seeing in this 21st century.

Today the entire globe is facing crises due to the novel pandemic; girls are looking for boys with money to marry forgetting that their parents were poor before marrying each other during their time.

Some scenarios show that not until 10 years later after a marriage that their parents were able to afford a car or build their house. Marriage is a long time journey so make a reasonable choice

6. Choosing Based on The Status

Others also marry because of the status of the supposed partner in society. Probably the supposed partner is the executive director of a company, Chief executive officer, or the manager of all affairs of the company in the locality.

But what you have to know is that a family can be the best but the person in question can be the worst. Consider beyond self-centeredness and make the choice from your subconscious mind.

Don’t just look at the family’s status because that may be the worst family in the world today. Some people may be the poorest family you could ever know on earth but will look after you and your children like gold.

7. Choosing Based On Tribalism or Racism

Are you aware that many marriages have failed because of the same tribalism? I always say no one has the power over your choice but your choice may overpower your life if not properly selected.

Don’t look at the side of your family but be wholehearted to select the right person not totally on the tribe or race.

8. Choose Based On Character

If you are selecting a partner, look at the character first before counting on other features. The character should be the prime motive before others in terms of your marriage not basically on the kind of beauty as I said earlier.

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Beauty can fade away and wealth can also diminish but the character is everlasting. If you get a partner with a good character, you have gotten gold. [Tips: Check the 10 Characteristics of a Wise Woman You Can Marry]

9. Choose a Partner Based On Religion

Strategies to choose a life partner based on religiosity
choosing your life partner through religion

If you are a Christian get a Christian to marry, if you are a Muslim, Buddhist, traditionalist, or none of these, get yours to marry in order not to have religious conflicts in your marriage.

This may sound awkward to many people but hard truth needs to be told. Let no one deceive you that religion is not important in marriage.

Be trusted and get someone who can be trusted in terms of your faith. This will help you to bring up children who will understand your role in upbringing.

You can get someone who falls outside your religion but should be willing to join you if you are married. The reason had been that it will positively affect your children to have a choice to make in terms of supplications to the maker. Let this guide you when choosing your life partner.

10.Throw Away Your Checklist

When it comes to relationships and settling with someone, put your profession down, and make the move to settle down.

Though it is not the right thing to settle for less, strategies in choosing the right partner ignore that principle.  When you spend so much time in finding the right partner, you miss out on finding the right partner.

Relationships should be based on reality, not actually being with someone who looks good on paper.

11. Give People The Opportunity To Tell Who They Are To You

I will urge you not to just give a final judgment by rejecting or dismissing just because of what they wear or who they hang out with. You should only judge someone based on the content of their chapter.

I agree that first impression count but it shouldn’t be the most important factor of being with someone. Don’t just be judgmental on how much money they may have, instead, asks yourself if you will be comfortable with them.

On the other side also, don’t be in haste to be with anyone without taking the time to know that person very well before committing yourself.

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